World Aids Day gives us an opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV, create awareness and to show support for people living with HIV.  This World Aids Day, Hot Cares wanted to make a difference and show support to those living with or affected by HIV within our community.

Saint Peter’s Child Care is a long-term special foster care programme for orphaned children affected by the HIV/ Aids pandemic in South Africa. It is based on the principle of providing a home environment to such children which closely resembles that of an ordinary caring household, as opposed to the concept of an orphanage or children’s home. Saint Peter’s Child Care is based on establishing individual households, with 3 to 5 children, that is as close to the normal home environment as possible.  They believe every child is entitled to this and strive to care for the children until they reach an age where they can take care of themselves.

Saint Peters Child Care put out a plea to the community for school shoes for all the children in their care.  Adelaide Mangena, Social Worker for St Peters Child Care visited us in the studio and was delighted when Hot Cares handed over the required school shoes for the children.  Hot Cares will also be sending Saint Peters Child Care stationery packs for the children as part of our Big Back to School campaign in January.

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