In December last year, Hot Cares assisted Loic, a young boy fighting cancer. Our Hot Cares partner, Roadtrip, collected his mom, Lana Chelin and brought her to the station.

A few days later, Lana contacted Hot Cares to tell us about the driver, Prince Duze who was so encouraging and showed such kindness towards her.  During their conversation, Lana learned that Prince had recently lost his wife to cancer and was now a single dad to their children one of whom is disabled. Lana asked if Hot Cares could assist him in any way.

Knowing Prince as one of our regular Roadtrip drivers, we contacted him to find out more about his situation and where we could help.  During the time of his wife’s illness, Prince incurred a lot of medical expenses which led to a large amount of debt.  He also needed help with the repairs to his car.  Relying on public transport means that he gets home late and that his disabled son, Nqobile, is often left on his own until his dad gets home from work.  Nqobile is an extraordinary 12-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy and attends a special needs school in the morning.  The school had indicated that Nqobile was in need of splints which would help improve his balance and aid his walking but sadly as a result of all his debt, Prince was just not able to purchase these at the moment.

Hot Cares invited a very humble Prince into the studio to share with him how Hot Cares and our partners were going to help him and Nqobile. Whilst we were not able to assist with the large debt, we were able to settle two of his smaller accounts including one at Truworths to help his monthly cash flow. Hot Cares purchased a new engine for his car and Hennie from Petrol Heads Randburg has generously offered to fit the engine and get the car on the road again.

Understanding the importance of Nqobile’s nutrition, Hot Cares has purchased a blender to help Nqobile make delicious smoothies, meal supplements to add to the smoothies as well as a Pick ‘n Pay voucher to ensure he gets all the fresh fruit and vegetables needed. Hot Cares has also contacted the school and arranged for Nqobile to be measured for the splints he needs and for them to be made as soon as possible to ensure he walks as comfortably as possible.

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