Gavin got in touch with Hot Cares to nominate Sonja, a mother of two boys (aged 12 and 14) whose lives had taken a dramatic turn in 2019.

At around this time last year Sonja’s partner and the father of her children, Garth was diagnosed with Oesophagus Cancer. Unfortunately, the Cancer spread so quickly and aggressively that it took his life within a matter of months.

Gavin, having been in school with Garth has seen him through thick and thin, and has seen how this has impacted the family as a whole.

Prior to Garth’s diagnosis, he was retrenched and Sonja had become the breadwinner, and she is financial debt, not only that, she herself was diagnosed with a cyst and had to have medical attention. Shortly after Sonja recovered and was able to drive again, her mother was diagnosed with Cancer and has had to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

Her boys are trying to make something of themselves, one is in primary school and the other is in high school. Her son in high school has a an up and coming rugby camp that he would love to attend which is the reason Gavin got in touch with us. Sonja needs help to pay for him to go.

Hot Cares will be contributing R5,000.00 towards the rugby camp, R10,000.00 towards medical bills and season tickets to Emirates Airline Park.

MSC Cruises heard about their story and have offered to send Sonja and the boys on a cruise to the Portuguese Islands, and Flight Centre will be providing flights.