Jackie Kyle from The Ann Harding Cheshire Home – residential care facility for adults who have a physical disability contacted Hot Cares with an urgent plea. Unfortunately, when the area experiences loadshedding everything grinds to a halt at the home, and we are unable to do any work.  The more serious issue is that the emergency lights, and the resident bell systems do not work.  As loadshedding is set to continue in the near future, The Ann Harding Cheshire Home needs to address this issue with urgency.

 The home has already purchased solar panels which are adequate to power the admin offices – computers and Wi-Fi – as well as the residents bell system and emergency lights in the passages, during an outage. However, the home needs funds to install the solar panels and set them up for this purpose. Hot Cares has a wonderful relationship with the Ann Harding Cheshire Home and whenever there is an opportunity for us to get involved and assist them in the care for their residents, we are happy to do it.  The home is always looking for ways in which their residents can work and earn an income and how they themselves can generate funding in a sustainable way.  Many of these services they offer to generate income are dependent on electricity.  

When we received this request, we immediately wanted to help to make a meaningful difference for them.

Hot Cares will be covering the full cost of the installation of the solar panels – R46 733.36 to ensure that home can function, residents can work, and that they are kept safe during loadshedding.