Tristan has an Auto Immune deficiency, namely IgA and IgG.
He is asthmatic so whenever he picks up a bug from another child, friend, family member it goes straight to his chest as it’s his biggest weak point.

His body can’t fight the normal sniffles or cough, flue etc. like other healthier children can.
He goes from having a cough to Pneumonia within 36-48 hours.

Related to this he suffers from chronic constipation / total blockages where he has to be admitted for cleanses and flushes.

So far this year he has been admitted 3 times into hospital, last year was a better year only 5 times.

Winter and change of season is a bad time for him so he needs to have a few polygamy infusions soon.

The two upcoming fundraisers ( FOR THE PUBLIC) for Tristan’s treatments are:

1. A school Fun run organised by Seren House school @ Diggers Randburg on the 3rd May.

2. The 2nd is an Action Netball tournament/day on the 11th May @ Fourways Falcons Action Sports, Northlands. ett Slabbert
| Pat Hi

Hot Cares will be donating R10 000 Ten Thousand Rand towards Tristan’s treatments
We ask our listeners to donate towards this precious boys treatments, every bit helps.