Kyle Nhlapo

This morning Mansfield in the Morning welcomed Kyle Nhlapo in studio.

A vibrant and inspirational young man, 19 year old Kyle is an ex-Fourways High School student and Fourways resident. Hot Cares came to meet this extraordinary soul when we were tagged via social media by Hot 91.9 FM listeners on his ‘My Cancer Campaign’.

In 2017 Kyle was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that produces immature bone which in Kyles case has affected his knee. A once active and independent person, Kyle is now in constant pain, reliant on being driven around and walking with crutches. The conventional chemotherapy was unsuccessful, and doctors recommended amputation although this would not guarantee that he would be cancer free.

The determined young man researched and looked into every avenue to fight his condition and avoid amputation. The answer lies in viro-immunotherapy using the Rigvir® treatment protocol researched and developed in Latvia. Fortunately for Kyle, there is one doctor in South Africa who has been trained in Latvia and is registered to perform this treatment – Dr Steven Gunn.

With no equivalent therapy available, this is Kyle’s last hope of achieving remission, or extension of life with quality and dignity – but it comes at a great cost as medical aids in South Africa don’t cover this treatment. It’s R480 000 for 3 months or R790 000 for 6 months for full and intensive

Hot Cares and Monte Casino have donated R125 000 to get Kyle started on his path towards this life-saving therapy. Kyle was thrilled to receive this cash injection and immediately called the clinic to start treatment.

Kyle still has a far way to go with his fundraising so we appeal to the community and other corporates to donate towards this inspirational young man’s treatment – we can’t emphasize enough what a truly remarkable young man Kyle is. He exudes goodness, love and kindness and even in this very dark nightmare, he has taken this personal journey and has undertaken to create awareness to help and encourage others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

If you or your company can help Kyle is his fight for survival, please email us at