Nominated by Michelle Tasker, Cornelia Van Der Walt is in the miraculous, awe-inspiring journey of pregnancy. While pregnancy brings with it the joys and hope of new life, it is not without it’s stress and in Cornelia’s case, life-threatening complications.

 At 38 weeks pregnant, Cornelia is in urgent need of an emergency C-section as her body is no longer creating enough amniotic fluid for baby to survive in. Baby’s movement is down to a minimum.

 With the financial impact of COVID-19, Cornelia and her family are unable to afford private healthcare and due to her pre-existing Lupus SLE and Chronic Cardiac Failure, she’s a high-risk patient for whom specialist doctors are not available in state hospitals in her area.

There have been a few people that promised to help with loans and donations but now as the need has become more urgent, they are no longer answering any messages or phone calls.

 To ensure the safe delivery of this precious baby, Gold Reef City have stepped in to cover the costs for in-hospital treatment, the obstetrician, gynaecologist, anesthesiologist and the paediatrician – so that Cornelia can welcome her bundle of joy into the world stress free and full of love.