Lynn Tyack is a local foster mom who has devoted her life to helping abused and neglected children experience a happy and healthy childhood. Hot Cares recently assisted Lynn Tyack with the payment of school fees for her foster child, Jessica, who has Down Syndrome. Lynn has chosen to spend her retired years serving and caring for vulnerable children in our community- abandoned babies and children that have been removed by authorities.

The love, attention and dedication Lynn has for each of her foster children is truly inspirational – a superhero who always puts others ahead of her own needs.

Lynn has a small business making beautiful clay hand and footprints of newborns, but with the increasing monthly costs of caring for her foster children, money is tight. Hot Cares decided to reach out to the wonderful team at the Dis-Chem Foundation – who have generously awarded Lynn with an account of R5000 to spend on those much-needed necessities.