Lynn Tyack, a local foster mom, is a fantastic caregiver to abandoned babies and children that have been removed by authorities. A modern-day hero who has chosen to spend her retirement years serving and caring for the vulnerable children in the community.

Hot Cares’ relationship with Lynn started in September 2018 when we helped her get a triplet pram and we have been working with Lynn ever since.

Over the years of us knowing Lynn we have seen many babies being taken in by her and often receive updates regarding the wellbeing of the little ones. From voice notes with babies crying in the background, to amazing photo transformations of underweight babies into healthy strong children, Lynn goes above and beyond to see that her babies’ needs are consistently met.

Lockdown for Lynn was an extremely difficult time. As a single mom without her helper being allowed to work, she truly had her hands full 24/7.

She recently reached out to us for help which is something Lynn never does and asked if we could assist in any way with one of her foster children, Jessica’s, school fees. Little Jess has Down’s Syndrome, and she has truly thrived whilst in Lynn’s care.

To assist Lynn and Jessica, Hot Cares will be covering 6 months’ worth of Jessica’s school fees.