We received a phone call from one of our listeners Shaun Harris who told us about a horrific incident that took place on Wednesday night the 13th of February 2019 in Bromhof, his neighbours house burnt down in a fire due to a power surge.

The house belonged to Natasha, Alicia and their 4 dogs. However tragically 2 of the beloved dogs did not make it. All the neighbours rallied together on Wednesday night fighting the fire as if it was their own homes burning down, one hosing water over from his roof. Michelle and all involved learnt valuable safety, emergency and prevention tips that will benefit the listeners.

The girls have lost all their belongings as well.

Insurance is putting them in a furnished house until their home is rebuilt and ready.

Hot Cares will be giving Natasha and Alicia a R20 000 FNB card that they can use on much-needed clothing, groceries, and toiletries.