Nominated by Tania Hofmeyr, Leslia Moyo is a seamstress and mother who loves her children to the end of the world. Like many people, Leslia has hit hard times in 2020. Her business in particular has taken such a knock. She has run specials on all her stock and is even resorting to selling her industrial sewing machine to make ends meet.

 Tania says: “Leslia is known within the community for the wonderful items she makes. She makes dog beds and jackets, picnic blankets, aprons, hats and cushions amongst other things. And with the hard times she’s experiencing, she feels as though she’s failing her children, who mean the world to her. Leslia has been battling to afford electricity, basic food and rent as well as clothes for herself and her children.”

 When the Hot Cares Angels did some reconnaissance under the guise of being a potential customer, we also found out that Leslia’s mobile screen is so badly broken she cannot send WhatsApps, affecting her ability to do business in that way too.

 To make this Christmas Wish come true, Hot Cares will be taking care of their rent, pre-paid electricity and grocery shopping for the next three months while Leslia finds her footing, allowing her to do just that, with the peace of mind that she can maintain a roof over her kids’ heads. We’ve also thrown in a brand-new Huawei Y5p mobile phone to assist Leslia to stay connected.