Uitkoms Home For Girls is a registered child and youth care centre that offers non-discriminatory residential care, protection development plans and counselling to abused, or otherwise abandoned teenage girls.

On average, 50 young women are catered for each year. Some of the girls are pregnant when they are admitted and when the young women give birth there is often a high risk to both the baby and the mother. These children have little to no parenting knowledge and require assistance on how to care for their baby. At the centre, the resident housewife and social worker provide anti- natal care and a loving home.

Uitkoms prides itself in ensuring that the girls in their care are provided with a good education and that each young woman with is guided with information and resources, providing them programmes that will assist with their future and career goals.

Furthermore, they hold various workshops for arts and crafts, practical life skills such as cooking, knitting and financial responsibility.

To bring some Christmas cheer – through Hot Cares, Horn and Phillips Catering Consortium are going to host a special day for the girls where they will be treated to a fun and festive lunch.