A Christmas Wish for the De Beer family

Christmas Wish is an opportunity to lend a hand to individuals that need a little more than a bit of Christmas cheer. While 2020 has been trying on us all, Janalke De Beer ushered in the year caring for her husband, who had just undergone an esophagectomy in December 2019 (for esophageal cancer).

January also brought the devastating news that Andrew’s cancer had metastasized to his stomach and he would have to undergo chemo and radiation. Janalke recounts: “He underwent vigorous radiation and chemotherapy and was told at the end of July to return to the hospital on the 9th of October to do all the scans to find out if the treatment worked. After the last chemo and radiation, which he had every day for 6 weeks, he was just not the same. His health declined rapidly and on the 21st of September we had taken him back to the hospital. His blood pressure was 30/70 and his heart rate 42bpm and was severely dehydrated. He was admitted and never came out of the hospital.”

Andrew De Beer passed away on October the 9th 2020, due to metastatic esophageal cancer at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.

To add insult to injury, Janalke found herself wrapped up with the red tape of paperwork: the funeral policy didn’t pay out, Andrew’s employers haven’t paid out his full salary and are deducting inexplicable sundry amounts leaving Janalke, a young widow and mother of 3 in a truly tricky situation. Having to stay strong for the kids and maintain some normalcy for them, while battling financial strain, planning a funeral, navigating insurance and workplace bureaucracy, as well as her own grief.

Last Christmas, Andrew was in hospital, and this Christmas, the kids are without their father, so there is very little Christmas spirit in the house.

While we cannot erase the pain and tribulations the De Beer family endured over the past 3 years, Hot Cares wants to alleviate the load where possible. Lee-Anne Myerson – owner of Nature and Nurture Montessori Pre-Schools has offered 2 x Nurture and Nature Montessori Pre-School bursaries valued at R360 000 – covering school fees, a daily hot lunch and stationery from the time they start until they move on.

Hot Cares thought because Christmas simply won’t be the same, let’s make Christmas lunch as stress free as possible. We will be delivering a selection of all the traditional Christmas lunch meats and Christmas presents to the De Beer house to try make the festive season special for Janalke’s three young children.

To round out what has been an extraordinarily trying year, we’re throwing in grocery voucher to see the De Beers through the dry January to come.

A ‘Posh’ Christmas Wish to get Doug’s business back on track

A ‘Posh’ Christmas Wish to get Doug’s business back on track

Lisa Landsell wrote in to Christmas Wish on behalf of her brother Doug Esch. Unemployed for nearly 4 years now, Doug has tried time after time to find a job without success.

With time on his hands, Doug decided to start a company called Posh by Design, specializing in interior decorating, home rejuvenation and much more, employing his talent to, as Lisa describes it: “…make [even] a potato sack look good!”

The uptake on Posh By Design has been slow, even though Doug has advertised in local newsletters and the like. When a close family friend suggested Doug expand his service offering to Posh Hygiene, some in-depth market research showed a clear demand for this service. Who wouldn’t want a good spring clean and home rejuvenation from time to time?! The funding was ready-to-go and the business case was approved, and then came COVID-19, bringing his burgeoning business expansion to an abrupt halt.

Alongside these financial/career difficulties, Doug battles with depression and the setback of not launching Posh Hygiene has sent Doug further into depression.

Lisa was hoping to buy Doug a Lock ‘n Load Deal on Hot to assist Posh By Design and Posh Hygiene with some much needed advertising – and hopefully the personal boost Doug would experience of getting some momentum in his new businesses. 

Lisa says: “…even just one slot. Then Doug could smile again, earn an income, take every breath knowing there is a tomorrow for him and eventually show the world he has a place in it.”

 Unable to afford it herself, Lisa has knocked on the right door through Christmas Wish to put a smile on her beloved brother’s face. Station Manager and Managing Director of Hot 91.9FM heard about all of Doug’s efforts to pull himself out of his darkness and has offered a whopping R100 000 worth of airtime to launch Doug’s business and get him back on track.

 While 2020 has been trying for us all, we’re reminded that kindness (however great or small) is a currency more valuable the money.

A ‘Posh’ Christmas Wish to get Doug’s business back on track

Needle little love- A Christmas wish for Leslia

Nominated by Tania Hofmeyr, Leslia Moyo is a seamstress and mother who loves her children to the end of the world. Like many people, Leslia has hit hard times in 2020. Her business in particular has taken such a knock. She has run specials on all her stock and is even resorting to selling her industrial sewing machine to make ends meet.

 Tania says: “Leslia is known within the community for the wonderful items she makes. She makes dog beds and jackets, picnic blankets, aprons, hats and cushions amongst other things. And with the hard times she’s experiencing, she feels as though she’s failing her children, who mean the world to her. Leslia has been battling to afford electricity, basic food and rent as well as clothes for herself and her children.”

 When the Hot Cares Angels did some reconnaissance under the guise of being a potential customer, we also found out that Leslia’s mobile screen is so badly broken she cannot send WhatsApps, affecting her ability to do business in that way too.

 To make this Christmas Wish come true, Hot Cares will be taking care of their rent, pre-paid electricity and grocery shopping for the next three months while Leslia finds her footing, allowing her to do just that, with the peace of mind that she can maintain a roof over her kids’ heads. We’ve also thrown in a brand-new Huawei Y5p mobile phone to assist Leslia to stay connected.


A ‘Posh’ Christmas Wish to get Doug’s business back on track

A Christmas Wish that gets Vaughn moving

Vaughn Van Reeuwyk was nominated by his housemate Graham Cooper. In what’s been described as a mini retirement village, they have a house-share with two other gentlemen over the age of 60 – all with limited means.

 Graham says Vaughn has really had a tough year after being forced into retirement at the beginning of the year. Vaughn has been battling to make ends meet; his UIF pension payments ceased in October and his last asset was an elderly Uno which he was hoping to use as a means to create some income by doing deliveries and the like.

 The issue was that the car was in quite poor condition and with questions around its reliability and roadworthiness, Vaughn decide to sell it and rather purchase a scooter. He found a buyer online for the car who came to collect same day.

Unfortunately, the guy turned out to be a con man having supplied fake payment confirmation. That is to say poor Vaughn was duped out of his last means to generate an income for himself to supplement the government grant for which he applied, that would be nowhere near what he’d need to make ends meet.

Hot Cares contacted our friends at Scully Scooters to make this Christmas Wish come true. They’ve come onboard with a 125cc automatic scooter and a full 5-day defensive riding and soft skills program valued at R25 000.

The Christmas Wish team will be delivering a selection of Christmas meats to their mini-retirement village along with R5000 cash so that Vaughn and the guys can enjoy Christmas Day.

A ‘Posh’ Christmas Wish to get Doug’s business back on track

The gift of sight- A Christmas Wish for Ben

Nominated by colleague Lorraine King, Ben Mangwane is a dedicated worker with whom Lorraine had struck up an enduring friendship since they began working together in 2004.

Lorraine details how Ben, who is 48, has been struggling with severe glaucoma in both eyes. For the work he does as a spray painter in the paint shop, assisting with the preparation and sanding down of vehicles, Ben requires keen sight. Sadly, the glaucoma has already developed to the point of blindness in one eye. To save his sight and his ability to earn a living, an operation is required to insert a drain in his eye to relieve the high pressure which is damaging his one remaining retina.

Lorraine recounts: “I took Ben to Spec Savers in Silverton where Justin (fabulous optometrist) referred Ben to a specialist who diagnosed the problem. The normal pressure in a healthy eye is in the region of 20 but Ben’s was 68.  The specialist also said that they could operate but only on the one eye as the other eye was too far gone and Ben was going blind in that eye.”

Without the operation, Ben would be blind within the year and the cost is just too great for Ben or Lorraine to bear alone.

With 2 school going children, a wife and other relatives who rely on his salary, going blind would mean no job, no money and as Ben says life would not be worth living. As a safety precaution, Ben has also given up driving because he said he does not want to cause an accident and let someone lose their life because of his problem.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, who decided to spend her 50th birthday party funds on Hot Cares rather than splurge on herself, Ben will have his much-needed surgery and not lose his sight. With the hefty price tag of R33 000 for the surgery and additional costs for the drainage devices, Ben can look forward to a truly festive season.