Mama Kasi Rural Rescue

Mama Kasi Rural Rescue

This week’s Hot Cares story is for the animal lovers. Helga Tsoumbris is the owner of Mama Kasi Rural Rescue, and she spends her life in townships taking dogs for sterilizations, vaccinations, parasite control as well as educating community members on importance of good pet care. 

Helga is incredibly passionate about dogs and working in rural settlements. This is her life because of her passion for animals and making a difference to them and those who love and support them. They key to great animal care between pet and owner is information and education and Helga aims to equip people with the knowledge they need to create and sustain loving and supportive relationships between pet and owner.

The dog population in townships has grown substantially as has the need for sterilization and vet care. This particular NPC does not have a shelter, but should Helga find an abandoned dog or a dog that needs to be rehomed she takes them to a vet until a suitable forever family is arranged.

Once dogs are in Helga’s care for sterilization should the vet discover other work that needs to be done this is done at no charge to the owner.

They have a charity shop in Muldersdrift where they sell all previously loved clothing/ household items to afford the necessary vet bills.

Hot Cares have donated R5,000.00 towards deworming, parasite control and sterilization costs.

For more information on Mama Kasi Rural Rescue visit their Facebook page here: Mama Kasi.