Hot Cares – The Angel Network

Hot Cares – The Angel Network

Samantha Cowen together with Sasha Lee Olivier went through to the Teddy Bear Clinic in 2019 to watch how children are taught how to testify in a rape trial.

This has all been set up in a way to make the child feel safe, but also to make the child feel comfortable to tell the truth. The secondary trauma is what these children go through when they have to go through they go to the police station, telling their story and the examination.

These packs are unfortunately not readily available, and this makes the victim feel even worse.

The Angel Foundation put together Rape Comfort Packs to give a moment of dignity to the victims of a heinous crime, and these cost R120 each, and as Sam says, it’s the cost of 3 cappuccinos.

In this podcast Sam and Jeremy chat with Monique Strydom and Penny Stein and hear how these packs impact the victims positively.

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Hot Cares have donated R12,000.00 towards 100 Rape Comfort Packs.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.