Hot Cares has had a special relationship with Abbey Cross Lodge for several years.  Together with the Social Activity Director, Blessing, we have been able to get actively involved in assisting Abbey Cross Lodge, through volunteer work, donations and visiting the frail care residents.

One often hears negative reports about old age homes, but Blessing is truly that – a “BLESSING”. Her warmth, dedication and sincere love for the residents is very special and unique.

In May, Blessing reached out to the Hot Cares team for face masks which we immediately purchased and dispatched to the home. But, unfortunately there have been Covid-19 cases at Abbey Cross Lodge, causing fatalities and job losses for Blessing and 13 of the carers.

We were heartbroken to receive a message from Blessing last week informing us of the deaths at the frail care unit as well as her losing her job.

A big thank you to a special anonymous couple who have been faithfully supporting our Hot Cares Covid Feeding Relief campaign during this period.


Hot Cares would like to assist Blessing and have provided her with R5 000 towards monthly expenses. We will also be sending grocery vouchers to the 13 carers who have also lost their jobs and assist them through these uncertain times.


Blessing is efficient at admin tasks, has vast experience as a carer and is great with children and the elderly. Should you know of any job opportunities for Blessing please email