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Hot Cares Non-Profit Company is a registered Public Benefit Organisation that strives towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Over the past few years, Hot Cares has been dedicated to providing much-needed assistance to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances within our community.

Our scope of attention ranges from the development of crèches in informal settlements, to our weekly soup kitchen for the homeless, to food banks for those in need and have no income to feed their families, to entrepreneurs and NPO’s who require guidance, resources and awareness of their programs, to medical assistance, educational bursaries for students and the upliftment of schools, various animal shelters and even individuals who just need a helping hand at a particularly difficult time in their life.

Hot Cares has played an integral part of bringing our community together to help those whose circumstances are beyond their control, to whom a moment of succour and a little touch of compassion would go a long way. The appreciation and the difference Hot Cares makes in the community is evident in the support and trust we receive from our listeners and donors. Businesses and individuals assist us in helping others and Hot Cares often acts as a conduit between those who have and those who need.

The spirit of Ubuntu, is imbued with the sentiment, “I Am, because We Are” and we truly believe that together we can reach our goal of making a difference in as many lives as possible.

Areas of Impact

On this journey to change the world, one life at a time, beginning where we are, Hot Cares impacts the community in the following sectors:

Areas of Impact_Humanitarian

Humanitarian and Welfare

In a world filled with continued economic challenges, environmental concerns and declining living stands, Hot Cares identifies areas where we can help to meet a need and make a difference. Providing of basic living requirements such as shelter, food, clothing, electricity and water is essential to alleviating further health risks and security concerns. Hot Cares runs various initiatives that help individuals, communities and other NPO’s whilst maintaining human dignity and showing love.

  • Running of a weekly soup kitchen at the Randburg Methodist Church – at which we also provide personal hygiene items and bathroom facilities
  • Supporting various feeding schemes and the weekly donation of Blue Ribbon bread to these schemes
  • Assisting in providing primary health care – in emergency cases as well as quality of life cases
  • Upskilling communities in terms of fire-fighting and first aid
  • Counselling and the support of victims of crime and domestic abuse
  • Responding to the needs of communities and individuals affected by disasters (fire, flood)
  • Uplifting entrepreneurs and micro enterprises within our community
Areas of Impact_Medicine

Healthcare and Medical

Access to health care for all South Africans remains a key challenge for our country.

Hot Cares provides support for both physical and mental well-being for individuals in need.

To ensure sustainable aid, we also follow-up and support patients before and after treatments, ensuring they don’t feel alone.


  • Assisting in providing primary health care – in emergency cases as well as quality of life cases
  • Through partnerships in the medical field, we are able to meet various medical needs for individuals from medical doctors, dental, optometrists, physiotherapy, psychological counselling, providing female hygiene awareness clinics and more
Areas of Impact_Education


It is no secret that a good education has the power to change a life. What is new is the increase in the demand for that change which we see from as early as the ECD years right through to tertiary education, trade skills and entrepreneurial enterprises.  Whether it is meeting the need for one child’s school fees, to uplifting of a school to being a conduit for bursaries at various institutions, Hot Cares will wherever possible empower people through education.


  • ECD – the complete makeover of Hlalisekani Creche – taking it from a dump site to a fully functioning playgroup, pre-school and community centre.
  • Involvement in various ECD centres and supporting the ECD forum which oversees 120 creches within our surrounding community
  • Assistance with school fees for children in the mainstream sector as well as those in the special needs sector
  • Awarding bursaries – ECD, primary school, high school and tertiary and skills (trade)
Areas of Impact_Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

There are many animal welfare organisations within our community, most of whom are non-government funded.  These organisations provide much needed support to stray, abandoned and abused animals with the goal of finding forever homes for them and ensuring the community are educated on animal welfare.

Hot Cares supports them with food, blankets and primary animal health services such as deworming, vaccinating and sterilization.

With a focus on sustainability, we look for opportunities to empower the organisations.  This includes supporting their charity shops and developing their infrastructure to generate income, i.e. walk parks, venue hire etc.

Supporting community initiatives to report and stop dog fighting by providing airtime to the spotters.

Individuals who have fallen on hard times and who have pets are often nominated for help.  Hot Cares assists with veterinary bills, animal transport and food.

Our Vision

With accountability and transparency, our vision at Hot Cares is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us, touching and changing as many lives in the most sustainable way as possible.

In so doing, we believe we have established fruitful relationships with recurring donors while providing assistance to beneficiaries with dignity and mutual respect, enshrining our core belief that the spirit of Ubuntu is the glue that holds the community (and humanity at large) together.

Since inception, it has been our great privilege to be a vehicle for the generosity of those who have and give, and to connect them with those who need, to whom so little can mean so much.

Our Values

Anchored by the principle of Ubuntu, Hot Cares is built on the foundation of assisting those in need with dignity and touching lives in our community sustainably.

Striving to find innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges, Hot Cares tackles the hurdles with the end in mind – being as impactful and as sustainable as possible.

Moreover, Hot Cares tailors solutions to the specific needs of beneficiaries in order to maximise resources and deliver results that truly change lives and circumstances.

While in certain instances, Hot Cares serves merely as a conduit for bursaries and other goods and services provided to those in need, we also have a deep understanding of the spirit of stewardship bestowed upon us as we initiate and implement projects like the weekly soup kitchen and the rebuilding and/or the revitalization of crèches and the many other ways in which we are able to change lives with the monetary donations yielded from our fundraising efforts.

It is in this honoured position of stewardship in which the ethical and accountable use of resources is paramount and therefore forms a cornerstone of our constitution as we grow and enjoy the capacity to touch even more lives – within our community and beyond.



Respect for donors and recipients





2018 – Liberty Radio Awards Finalist – Community Project

2018 South African Small Business Awards
National Community Award

2019 Liberty Radio Awards Finalist – Promotions and Stunts
HOT 91.9 FM CHRISTMAS WISH 2019 Community Project of the year

2019 Liberty Radio Awards Winner

2020 Radio Awards Finalist for Community Project

2020 Radio Awards Finalist for Promotions and Events
HOT 91.9 Teddython.

2021 Radio Awards Finalist for Community Project


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