100 Lives 31 Days – Audrey Gets Mobile

100 Lives 31 Days – Audrey Gets Mobile

Audrey Garrett, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmAudrey Gets Mobile

“When one neighbour helps another, we strengthen our communities.” – Jennifer Pahlka.

There’s no way we could have forgotten the heart-wrenching story of Audrey Garrett who lost her daughter early this month.

On 3rd July, Audrey’s daughter was killed when she was shot through her arm and stomach in an armed robbery. At the time her brother was locked in the bathroom, so he was not hurt in the incident. The perpetrators broke in and stole two cellphones as there was nothing else to take.

Before losing her only daughter, Audrey had some difficult months without a job; but she’s recently found work in the yard at Honeydew Build-it and one of the bigger challenges, Audrey faces regarding securing full-time employment, is transport.

Parky spoke to Audrey on the 19th of July, and we’ve since then received an overwhelming response of people sending their messages of love and support and asking to help Audrey.

In a true show of what a community that comes together is capable of achieving, with your help and the assistance of our friends at Imperial Toyota Strijdom Park, we’ve been able to secure a 2nd hand car in good condition for Audrey. Hotcares will also be assisting with fuel and Insurance coverage for the car for 6 months.

In this challenging time, it’ll help to get Audrey and her adult son (who has mental and physical challenges) to get around.

This month has demonstrated to us, beyond a shadow of a doubt the love and caring of the community in which we live. Thank you.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

100 Lives 31 Days – Audrey Gets Mobile

100 Lives 31 Day – Shaz Gofoor

100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmShaz Gofoor

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb.

Nominated by her mother Rehana Ishmael, Shaz Gofoor used to have a small beauty therapy place but her daughter was born with a medical condition, and she has since had to give up work to take care of her.

This hasn’t prevented Shaz from being very active in her community, she is always helping other people personally but can only do so much alone.

Shaz has two wonderful projects on the go at the moment, the first of which is currently doing a grocery drive for a lady who recently had to undergo a double mastectomy. She was the breadwinner of her family, taking care of her sons’ kids as well. Her son is ill and unfortunately, has no steady income.

She is now without work and Shaz is assisting them until their grants and disability grants are issued.

The second initiative on Shaz’s books is a Women’s Day lunch for the ladies at the old aged home in her area. Having secured a sponsored venue, Shaz and her mom Rehana, will be doing all the cooking and preparation for this function for approximately 30 ladies on the 13th of August.

Hot Cares would like to donate R 5 000 towards Shaz and her initiatives.For her to buy the food, cold drinks, tea and cake or dessert and some decorations for the tables. This as well as supporting the family in need with groceries until grants payout.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

100 Lives 31 Days – Audrey Gets Mobile

100 Lives 31 Days – Marina and Dominique

100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmMarina and Dominique

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Marina is a single mom who shares her home with her lovely 16-year-old daughter Dominique. Tragically, on Sunday the 21st of July, their house burnt down.

Thankfully they escaped the blaze, but consequently lost everything; all their possessions, all their personal and sentimental items are all gone, and because they only have house insurance and not household insurance, the burden of replacing all they’ve lost, of starting all over again falls on Marina’s income.

Both mother and daughter have an autoimmune disorder which has worsened since the fire. The shock and trauma, as well as the financial strain this unfortunate event has caused, is seemingly insurmountable at this point.

Dominque has been having nightmares and battling to get back to school and “normal” life. She is staying at a friend’s house, while Marina is staying with one of her friends, so they have been separated.

To assist Marina and Dominique in this dark time in their lives, and to encourage them not to lose hope, Hot Cares will be purchasing household goods, including appliances, bedding, clothing and school items (stationery, backpacks and uniforms) and other necessary items to the value of R 20 000.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

100 Lives 31 Days – Audrey Gets Mobile

100 Lives 31 Days – Elandsvallei Home for the Aged

Elandsvallei Home for the Aged, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmElandsvallei Home for the Aged

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” – Jim Rohn.

The Elandsvallei Home for the Aged is a nursing and frail care centre, run by The Red Cross.

Established in 1952, The Elandsvallei Home was started initially as a boarding house for ex-servicemen from the second World War who had nowhere to stay when they came home.

Over the years, however, as that particular need became redundant, it evolved into a nursing and frail-care home for the aged.

The home itself was built in the early 1900’s and as such, is in constant need of maintenance and repairs. Over the past few years, the resources and donations have declined, and as such, they’ve started a second-hand shop which they run as a morning market every 3rd month.

With the building being so old, there are so many needs regarding upkeep and maintenance. From fencing the perimeter wall to renovating floors, doors and door frames, to the removal of trees and a heavy-duty lawn mower, to soap and toilet roll dispensers, cleaning materials; the list is very long.

One of their needs which Hot Cares can attend to, is to replace some paving as it has become dangerous for the elderly to walk on.

Hot Cares will be paying for the paving and will also be donating coloured paint to brighten up the home, this for a total value of R12 500.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

100 Lives 31 Days – Audrey Gets Mobile

100 Lives 31 Days – Lily Rose and Carene

Lily Rose and Carene, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmLily Rose and Carene

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

As a young girl, Carene started volunteering at the Love Of Christ Ministries (TLC) in the south of Johannesburg. She pursued her dream and completed a Masters in Occupational Therapy and continues to volunteer using her knowledge to help the less fortunate in our society.

Lily Rose was abandoned by her biological mother at the TLC, and this is where Carene met her and started treating her Dandy-Walker Variant and Cerebral Palsy once a week. After 3 years of careful consideration, Carene decided to adopt Lily Rose officially. Not without its challenges, both socially and financially, Carene followed her heart and today she is Lily Rose’s mommy!

Carene, a single mom, has managed to self-finance new splints and a wheelchair for home use, but her medical aid has not approved a new bath chair or walker for Lily Rose. In this current economy, Carene is battling to save enough money and has done a few fundraising initiatives to buy Lily Rose these items.

However, in an encouraging turn of events, Carene found a Facebook page where special needs moms communicate and share. She corresponded with a fellow special needs Mom on this page and exchanged contact numbers with her because she was interested in the walker. The mom had ordered the walker for her child, but before the walker arrived, heartbreakingly, her child passed away, and so never had an opportunity to use the walker.

With the walker is still being brand new, Carene asked the mom to please save the walker for her, while she tries to raise funds to buy it from her.

To assist Carene in securing these much-needed items for Lily Rose’s future, Hot Cares will be purchasing a bathing chair and walker, for a combined value of R40 000.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.