Hot Cares, Cupcakes of Hope and Little Aiden

Hot Cares, Cupcakes of Hope and Little Aiden

 This week’s Hot Cares recipient Aiden is battling a Medulloblastoma which is a cancerous brain tumour.

His father has been struggling to keep up with all the expenses and is unable to pay his medical aid this month, he’s battling financially and after communicating with Aiden’s doctor, its absolutely vital that he manages to stay on the medical aid so that his treatment can continue.

This is where Cupcakes of Hope stepped in, they have chosen to firstly nominate Aiden, and use their Teddython contribution to help Aiden and his father to cover their outstanding medical bills and make their life a little easier.

Sandy Cipriano, founder of Cupcakes for Hope chatted to us about International Childhood Cancer Day on Saturday the 15th of February.

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