Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Hot Cares received a request from one of our listeners, Tammy, who under normal circumstances joins a group of volunteers on a monthly basis to cook for the elderly at Reuven Old Age Home.

They are one of the many groups of people and charity organisations that ensure that the 250 residents are taken care of, have food to eat and that the facilities are cleaned and well kept.
The residents receive government social grants, which is used to pay for their accommodation and utilities. However, for all their other needs they rely on community support.

During lockdown, volunteers are unable to cook for, deliver food and visit the elderly. Hot Cares was happy to contribute towards the 200 food parcels that were delivered to the home- ensuring that the caregivers and residents are taken care of.

A big thank you to Tammy and her friends for giving us the opportunity to assist, and for all they do for the elderly residents throughout the year.


Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Hot Cares Covid 19 assistance in conjunction with ‘A Little Realeaf’- Jackson’s Foundation

Jacksons Real Food Market in Bryanston and Kyalami started the Jacksons Foundation a few years ago and regularly support families and people in need. With the current Covod-19 lockdown restaurants are unable to operate, yet the need to feed those in need has become greater than ever before.

Hot 91.9FM contacted Gary Jackson to see how we could assist his business during this time, and in turn, he told us about this project, A Little Realeaf.

Gary has opened his Kyalami restaurant – with permission and permits- to assist during the lockdown. The Jackson Foundation has contributed R30 000 for the initial funding to start cooking for those less fortunate. Gary and his team have been cooking and packing delicious meals, together with other organisations, such as Hot Cares, have been distributing these meals to various locations in and around our area.

For listeners who would like to help, please donate directly to the Jackson Foundation with the reference: ‘A little realeaf’. For as little as R20, you can donate a meal to a person in need.
Their restaurants are also being used as collection points for dry goods which are then distributed to the homeless who have not been accommodated for in a shelter. A list of items has been posted on their Facebook page should you wish to contribute.

Hot Cares has collected about 700 of these meals and distributed between Diepsloot, Clay Oven Community and the homeless by the river in Bryanston. The response to these donations from the recipients has been heartwarming. From being speechless to comments such as “Food with real meat!”- the less fortunate have been extremely grateful to those involved in supplying these meals.

For any queries, or should you wish to get involved, please email or go to the Jacksons website,, or their Facebook page.

Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Hot Cares and SHOUT SA support those on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19

In the past few weeks, Hot Cares has actively assisted in the donation of masks, gloves, sanitisers, vitamins, immune boosters and more to our community and essential service workers.

SHOUT SA have created a new public service initiative with SMD Technologies called SHOUT4MASKS ( to help raise money to buy masks directly from factories in order to urgently get them to health carers and patients. Hot Cares decided it is imperative that we get involved and assist where we can.

SHOUT SA co-founder Danny K explains: “There is a crying need to protect those who are protecting us – our frontline heroes. Battling valiantly against Covid-19 our healthcare sector needs our support right now as the supply of masks dwindles. It’s getting desperate. Here at Shout SA we have a voice, why not use it to shout out to our fellow countrymen to help secure more masks?”
Co-founder Kabelo adds: “We are calling on all our fellow musicians and celebrities to get behind this to inspire and unite the nation to help get proper safe masks for those that need them most. For both patients and our most vulnerable communities, I am relieved that we are able to spread a protective front for both. “

Shout4Masks provides a platform for all South Africans, individuals and corporates, to donate combo packs of both specialist and surgical masks to health carers and patients urgently in need for as little as R100.

Hot Cares has eagerly got involved in this initiative and have donated R10 000 towards SHOUT4MASKS.

Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Hot Cares continues with COVID-19 lockdown assistance

During the Covid- 19 lockdown, Hot Cares continues to assist our most vulnerable communities.

Hot Cares was notified that the homeless who visit our weekly soup kitchen have all been temporarily housed at a shelter in Windsor. We were so happy to hear that they were safe and being taken care of. Hot Cares has arranged for food donations and groceries for the shelter which is currently housing 96 people.

As a result of the lockdown, many NPO’s are facing financial challenges due to cancellation of fundraisers, volunteer services and community donations. With this being said, many animal shelters have been affected and we have received requests from a few within our community. Hot Cares has arranged for deliveries to these shelters through Takealot.

Essential items on Takealot can still be ordered and delivered. Should you wish to contribute to animal shelters, Takealot is a viable option to ensure that the shelters can continue their wonderful work and make sure the animals have what they need.

Hot Cares also assisted Shining Stars Wellness and Recovery Centre – An organization that helps those in need with a focus on empowering individuals to develop their skills. Through their programme they assist families, individuals, children and the elderly who are facing difficult times. Hot Cares spoke to Safoora from Shining Stars who was worried about six families they were unable to assist. Hot Cares committed to supply groceries and essentials for these families during the lockdown period.

We continue to assist our frontline essential service workers. The need for personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and sanitizers are rife. Hot Cares is collaborating with local manufacturers to see how we can support these brave men and women with what they need.

Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Hot Cares Contributes Towards Protecting EMS During Covid-19

Last week, Hot Cares donated protective gear such as masks, gloves, and sanitizer to the South African Police Service stations within our area. They also received a Dischem voucher for their station commander to purchase medical supplies, vitamins, and immune boosters to keep the teams healthy during this difficult time.
Hot Cares has also assisted local fire stations with protective gear and other essential items. These teams are on the frontline and need to decontaminate their clothing every time they have come into contact with someone who is infected with Covid-19.
We would like to thank our community services such as the SAPS, firemen, medical and EMS teams for their commitment and dedication in keeping us safe.