Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

Rudolph Nicholson contacted Hot Cares to help his longtime mechanic, Darren Quinn. “I have known him for the past 10 years, he is an honest, hardworking and reliable young man,” he writes.

Darren has been particularly hard hit by COVID-19 and resulting lockdowns. The pandemic’s effects were compounded by personal setbacks and an unscrupulous business partner’s fraud. These hard times left Darren struggling but, the recent theft of his tools and vandalism of his LDV has left Darren completely hopeless.

To make matters worse, the single father has recently cancelled the insurance on his vehicle and tools to enable him to provide for his son’s schooling and living expenses.

Darren is now left with no way to earn a living as he is financially unable to replace the tools and equipment and repair the damage to his vehicle.

Hot Cares stepped in to help Darren by replacing his equipment to the value of R11 000. This will enable Darren to get back on his feet and carry on and continue working.

Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

A Giving Garden: The Bongani Community Centre

The Bongani Community Centre is a place where over 500 children have a safe environment to go to after school and it is here where the children often receive their only meal for the day. The centre caters for indigent and orphaned children providing food, and assistance with the establishment of food gardens, homework assistance, supervised after care and poverty alleviation.

The centre also assists members of the community affected by HIV/AIDS and it is situated in Glenridge Extension 16, Soweto.

Bongani Mthombeni is the founder and project manager of the community centre. On a daily basis he assists the children with homework and meals, as many of the children are orphans or are living in child-headed households.

Thanks to Rain Queen South Africa, Hot Cares can assist The Bongani Community Centre with veggie planters valued at R 6 700 as well as soil, compost, and seedlings to the value of R 5000. To keep the children safe during the Covid -19 pandemic, the centre will also receive 500 reusable children face masks.

Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

Lynn Tyack gets a helping hand from the Dis-Chem Foundation

Lynn Tyack is a local foster mom who has devoted her life to helping abused and neglected children experience a happy and healthy childhood. Hot Cares recently assisted Lynn Tyack with the payment of school fees for her foster child, Jessica, who has Down Syndrome. Lynn has chosen to spend her retired years serving and caring for vulnerable children in our community- abandoned babies and children that have been removed by authorities.

The love, attention and dedication Lynn has for each of her foster children is truly inspirational – a superhero who always puts others ahead of her own needs.

Lynn has a small business making beautiful clay hand and footprints of newborns, but with the increasing monthly costs of caring for her foster children, money is tight. Hot Cares decided to reach out to the wonderful team at the Dis-Chem Foundation – who have generously awarded Lynn with an account of R5000 to spend on those much-needed necessities.

Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

Helping those in need: A home for Vaughn

Hot Cares received a phone call from Graham Cooper, providing us with an update about his housemate Vaughn Van Reeuwyk. Graham had nominated Vaughn for Christmas Wish 2020 and he was one of the recipients.  

Due to financial difficulties Vaughn had fallen behind in his rent and the landlord had given him notice to move out as he had found another tenant.

Vaughn has been to various shelters in the area looking for accommodation and was left with very few options.

The day Graham contacted Hot Cares you could hear the hopelessness in his voice. It was the day that Vaughn had to vacate the premises, “He won’t know to turn left or right, he doesn’t know where to go”.

Hot Cares immediately contacted, Anthea Da Costa, the owner of Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter for advice and to our surprise was able to assist with accommodation for Vaughn at the Wings of Inspiration Elderly Care Centre.

However, there was a shortage of beds at the centre. Hot Cares has assisted in purchasing a bed, towels and toiletries for Vaughn and he was collected by Wings of Inspiration and taken to his new home.

He now volunteers at the centre, tending to the garden and livestock. The family at Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter having been taking great care of Vaughn – they have even begun an exercise class in the morning!

Hot Cares would like to thank Anthea Da Costa and the Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter for their assistance, kindness, and generosity.

Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

Making an incredible difference in children’s lives: Lynn Tyack

Lynn Tyack, a local foster mom, is a fantastic caregiver to abandoned babies and children that have been removed by authorities. A modern-day hero who has chosen to spend her retirement years serving and caring for the vulnerable children in the community.

Hot Cares’ relationship with Lynn started in September 2018 when we helped her get a triplet pram and we have been working with Lynn ever since.

Over the years of us knowing Lynn we have seen many babies being taken in by her and often receive updates regarding the wellbeing of the little ones. From voice notes with babies crying in the background, to amazing photo transformations of underweight babies into healthy strong children, Lynn goes above and beyond to see that her babies’ needs are consistently met.

Lockdown for Lynn was an extremely difficult time. As a single mom without her helper being allowed to work, she truly had her hands full 24/7.

She recently reached out to us for help which is something Lynn never does and asked if we could assist in any way with one of her foster children, Jessica’s, school fees. Little Jess has Down’s Syndrome, and she has truly thrived whilst in Lynn’s care.

To assist Lynn and Jessica, Hot Cares will be covering 6 months’ worth of Jessica’s school fees.