Hot Cares – The Ann Harding Cheshire Home

Hot Cares – The Ann Harding Cheshire Home

Jackie Kyle from The Ann Harding Cheshire Home – residential care facility for adults who have a physical disability contacted Hot Cares with an urgent plea. Unfortunately, when the area experiences loadshedding everything grinds to a halt at the home, and we are unable to do any work.  The more serious issue is that the emergency lights, and the resident bell systems do not work.  As loadshedding is set to continue in the near future, The Ann Harding Cheshire Home needs to address this issue with urgency.

 The home has already purchased solar panels which are adequate to power the admin offices – computers and Wi-Fi – as well as the residents bell system and emergency lights in the passages, during an outage. However, the home needs funds to install the solar panels and set them up for this purpose. Hot Cares has a wonderful relationship with the Ann Harding Cheshire Home and whenever there is an opportunity for us to get involved and assist them in the care for their residents, we are happy to do it.  The home is always looking for ways in which their residents can work and earn an income and how they themselves can generate funding in a sustainable way.  Many of these services they offer to generate income are dependent on electricity.  

When we received this request, we immediately wanted to help to make a meaningful difference for them.

Hot Cares will be covering the full cost of the installation of the solar panels – R46 733.36 to ensure that home can function, residents can work, and that they are kept safe during loadshedding.

Hot Cares for ‘Mighty Mack’

Hot Cares for ‘Mighty Mack’

On 12 May 2021, at just 5 months old, Nikita Friedman’s niece Mackenzie “Mighty Mack” Friedman was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) – a life-threatening blood cancer.   

Following her diagnosis, she underwent 10 days of intense chemotherapy, 3 surgeries and a few days in ICU. On 31 May, Mack was classed as high risk, and in need of an urgent bone marrow transplant due to the strain of AML that she has – as the chemotherapy will not be completely effective and Mack will keep relapsing.

Hot Cares will be donating R5 000 to the South African Bone Marrow Registry and would like to make an urgent plea for donors to register and help patients like Mackenzie. The call is to all South Africans as an ethnically diverse bone marrow registry is incredibly important. A recipient’s best chance of finding a match is someone from the same ethnicity, heritage and ancestry.

You can register online at You will then have a swab kit and direction sent to you. The process is simple, you just take a swab on the inside of your cheek, and the SABMR will have it collected from you.

Your swab is then sent overseas to be “typed” and added to the registry. The patient gets typed as well and hopefully matched with a donor. There is an incredibly slim 1 in 100 000 chance of finding a match.

If you are a match, you will be contacted, so if you have previously registered with any of the bone marrow organisations, we would also like to encourage you to contact them and make sure that your details are up to date.

The donation process is completely non-invasive. You will go on medication for about a week to help stimulate stem cell growth. The donation process is similar to donating blood and lasts for 4-6 hours. There are no long-term side effects and if you are one of the lucky ones, you can even donate again.

 Donating blood is equally important as Mack currently needs a blood transfusion every second day. There is a major shortage of blood in South Africa and many people need it on a daily basis to survive.

Hot Cares for ‘Mighty Mack’

Hot Cares helps Darren get back on his feet

Rudolph Nicholson contacted Hot Cares to help his longtime mechanic, Darren Quinn. “I have known him for the past 10 years, he is an honest, hardworking and reliable young man,” he writes.

Darren has been particularly hard hit by COVID-19 and resulting lockdowns. The pandemic’s effects were compounded by personal setbacks and an unscrupulous business partner’s fraud. These hard times left Darren struggling but, the recent theft of his tools and vandalism of his LDV has left Darren completely hopeless.

To make matters worse, the single father has recently cancelled the insurance on his vehicle and tools to enable him to provide for his son’s schooling and living expenses.

Darren is now left with no way to earn a living as he is financially unable to replace the tools and equipment and repair the damage to his vehicle.

Hot Cares stepped in to help Darren by replacing his equipment to the value of R11 000. This will enable Darren to get back on his feet and carry on and continue working.

Hot Cares for ‘Mighty Mack’

Hot Cares Helps Unemployed Ronel Griessel Care for Her Orphaned Grandchildren

What struck Michelle Nunes most about her colleague Ronel Griessel was her absolute devotion to her two daughters – who she raised as a single mom under very difficult circumstances.

So, when Ronel tragically lost her youngest daughter to an act of crime, Michelle contacted Hot Cares to help Ronel take care of her four orphaned grandchildren, aged between 2 and 6 years.

The eldest granddaughter, aged 6, found Ronel’s daughter and could not understand why her mommy would not wake up, and why she was so cold. The other three children climbed in bed to snuggle with their mom in an attempt to warm her up so that she could wake up.

Ronel has taken the seemingly overwhelming responsibility of raising her grandchildren on with her characteristic devotion to family, despite not having an income. Ronel worked in the tourism industry, one of the hardest hit by the COVID pandemic and resulting lockdowns, and has not had an income for the past 18 months.

Having been exposed to the trauma of their mother’s passing the children will require long-term counselling, however Ronel does not currently have transport. The children also need basic, daily necessities such as groceries and schooling. Ronel will be applying for guardianship, which comes with enormous legal costs as well as trying to arrange a medical aid for the children.

Some of her former colleagues at Tourvest Destination Management raised some money to offer some short-term assistance, but with their whole lives ahead of them, raising the four young children will require a village, as we often say in SA.

Hot Cares will assist Ronel and her grandchildren with winter clothing, groceries and immediate day-to-day needs.

Ronel is a specialist in IT software programmes such as SQL, Crystal and Sage, and we encourage our community to get in touch if someone is in a position to offer Ronel employment – via

Hot Cares for ‘Mighty Mack’

Hot Cares: A birthday surprise for Nelson Tshabalala

Nelson Tshabalala is a burn survivor. He was burned when he was 5 years old and his mother tragically died in the fire, saving his life.

In the years to follow, Nelson met Bronwen Jones, his ‘mama’, and the founder of the Children of Fire – a local charity dedicated to providing medical treatments for young burn survivors.

Bronwen was able to get Nelson the medical attention he needed- surgery for his face and hands. And through Children of Fire, Nelson was able to travel to Britain and locally to visit other burn victims he had grown up with.

Nelson recently finished his Matric and wishes to study International Relations because of his passion for the world, meeting foreign volunteers and he would like to represent his country.

It is Nelson’s 18th birthday – and there are a few things on his birthday wish list. Including,

  • To take Mama, Fernando and 10 burn survivors to have breakfast at Flames restaurant.
  • A smartphone
  • A water-resistant watch

Hot Cares wants to make Nelson’s 18th birthday truly memorable. So, we contacted an anonymous donor who has organised for Nelson and his family and friends to go to Flames for a birthday breakfast! We also spoke to Christina at Bakes and Blooms and they will be sending Nelson a stunning birthday cake. Hot Cares has also purchased a Fossil watch and Huawei Y7 smartphone.

And we’re not finished… Nelson and a friend will be taken for a drive in a Ferrari, including lunch and goodie bags all sponsored by the team at Sefac!