100 Lives 31 Days – Chris Sithole’s Unearthed Talent

100 Lives 31 Days – Chris Sithole’s Unearthed Talent

Chris Sithole, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmChris Sithole’s Unearthed Talent

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton.

Nominated by Lucy, a college and friend of his, Chris Sithole has an as yet unearthed talent.

It was Lucy’s late fathers wish to see Chris given a chance to share his talents with the world and Lucy contacted Hot Cares to see if this wish could become a reality.

Chris Sithole is a father of three who has worked as a senior installer at Green Sky Brand Architects for over ten years. Committed, hard-working and often working long hours and travelling for projects, Chris always delivers exceptional service to their clients. He goes over and above at work and is well respected by his colleagues.

That’s how he makes ends meet and provides for his family, but very few people know that his real passion lies in the paintbrush. With what little spare time he has, Lucy says, Chris paints the most magnificent works of art.

Well! Once the Hot Cares team laid eyes on Chris’ paintings, we knew it was something that the rest of the world should see too; and could, in fact, develop into something more than a hobby.

These days, the reality is that artists needn’t starve for their art; we hope that with some exposure and a little extra help, Chris could turn his incredible talent into a stream of income.

To that end, Hot Cares will donate a Wendy House for Chris to use as a private studio space, along with art supplies, a total value of R15 000 to bring him that much closer to making this dream a reality and unearthing the talent that Lucy’s father saw too.

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