Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter

Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter

Hot Cares recently received a phone call from Anthea – Kirsten Richardson’s sister telling us about a new Women and Children’s shelter they are opening in Krugersdorp. When Anthea asked if there was any way we could assist, Hot Cares knew we had to act swiftly because there is a massive need for shelters in our area.

The Wings of Inspiration Woman and Children’s Shelter is a new safe haven for women and their children and is due to open on the 1st of March 2021.

South Africa’s prevailing economic situation is leaving more and more people destitute. There are a number of women and children have nowhere to go and Wings of inspiration has become a real beacon of hope.

The shelter will take in homeless women (and their children) who have had to endure neglect, abuse, and trauma. There are a number of women who have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. The Wings of Inspiration Woman and Children’s Shelter also assists young mothers who are homeless and those who are looking to kickstart their lives, for the sake of their children.

The shelter will provide life-skills training, assist them with creating / updating CV’s and aid with job seeking practices and referrals to possible workplaces of employment.

The women and children will receive 3 meals a day, basic toiletries, have a warm bed to sleep in and receive counselling and emotional support. The shelter will assist with rehabilitation and training so that they can adequately support themselves and their children. This project is to be funded by the local community with the assistance of generous business owners as the shelter does not receive any assistance or funding from the government.

Wings Of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter require the following:


  • Creating/Building of day-care centre with educational equipment
  • Building and Renovations of existing property to cater for our women & children
  • New installation of Health and Safety/Fire Equipment


Hot Cares will be purchasing beds for the Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter, making sure the ladies and children sleep comfortably in new beds during their stay.

Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter

Hot Cares for Coach Butler and his family

Butler Masango popularly known as “Coach Butler” has been developing young soccer players across Johannesburg over the past 15 years and, also coaches and mentors children from disadvantaged backgrounds in his free time.  Coach Butler’s main source of income comes from coaching at schools and private coaching to students who wanted to take their soccer skills to the next level.


Unfortunately, Coach Butler was recently diagnosed with heart failure and lung capacity issues affecting his coaching abilities and income. In going for treatment, Coach Butler was unable to attend to  his clients – but once he started feeling better the Covid-19 pandemic struck.  Students are still unable to come for personalised training and play sport, and this severely affected his income and ability to provide for his family.


Butler has a 6-year-old daughter who recently graduated from pre-school and is starting primary school next week. She is a very bright young girl, who loves school activities and Butler needs assistance in helping his young daughter’s dreams true.


In order to help Butler and his daughter achieve their dreams of an education, Hot Cares will be paying her school registration fee as well as the next 2 months school fees. Hot Cares will also be purchasing new school uniforms for her and Butler will receive a grocery store voucher to get items for school and their home.


Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter

67000 litres for Mandela Day – Chefs with Compassion and SA Harvest

67 000 litres of soup goes a long way. It provides nourishment to 268 000 people for one day.

In honour of Madiba, chefs around the country are uniting with Chefs with Compassion and SA Harvest, two food rescue organisations, to cook with compassion for the most vulnerable in our communities.

You can support their goal of eliminating hunger in the months to come by donating R10 per cup of soup to Chefs with Compassion.  That’s half a cappuccino or a nourishing cup of soup for a hungry person.

For all the information go to: