Hot Cares Christmas – Pensioner Gets the Gift of Sight this Christmas

Hot Cares Christmas – Pensioner Gets the Gift of Sight this Christmas

The gift of sight is something we all take for granted.

But not Johan du Bruyn and certainly not his wife of 37 years, Debbie.

They are both pensioners in their late-60s and they’ve fallen on hard times recently, with Johan’s eyesight the most pressing issue, particularly due to the fact that they don’t have medical aid.

“He desperately needs a cataract operation, as he can’t see at all out the right eye, and the left eye is also affected,” said Wendy. “It would be an absolute Christmas miracle if his vision was restored.”

Johan’s lifestyle has been severely curtailed, reducing how much he can get around, and, sadly, ruling out such basic pleasures as reading and playing Sudoku.

Wendy has had her own health issues and suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis, having undergone an incredible 32 operations over the years.

But she remains Johan’s rock, despite her failing health, and for that we salute her!

The two of them only have each other, as they haven’t been able to have children, and they really do have each other’s backs, as Johan showed some time back, when he stepped in front of Wendy in the middle of an attempted high-jacking and was shot three times.

“My husband has had a few difficult years and my wish this Christmas is for him to see the beauty of this season around him,” said Wendy. “He absolutely deserves this and has been the anchor for me, and now I want to give him the vision to see this Christmas.”

Wendy has tried everything after an optometrist confirmed that Johan needed surgery, but has found dead ends wherever she’s looked, including being told that there was a two-year waiting list a St John’s Eye Clinic.

Unfortunately, Johan doesn’t have that kind of time and will be completely blind by that time.

Fortunately, Hot Cares has some incredible partners on its books, including the amazing Dr Rodney Blumenfeld, who has in the past helped other Hot Cares recipients. Last year he stepped in to help another pensioner who needed cataract surgery and on this occasion he didn’t hesitate, once again, committing to Johan’s surgery, free of charge.

An incredible gesture and a huge thank you to Dr Blumenfeld!

Bunny Majaja of HOT 102.7FM’s Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show team was on hand to break the good news to Johan and Wendy, as well as news of the other gifts Hot Cares will be giving the Du Bruyns this Christmas.

Firstly, a slap-up Christmas lunch, and because Wendy told us that every night there’s a fight over the teddy bear on their bed, Johan will be getting his very own bear to cuddle, to ensure there is no bed-time fight!

Merry Christmas, the Du Bruyns!