Star Pupil Gets the Gift of a Varsity Education

Hot Cares Christmas – Star Pupil Gets the Gift of a Varsity Education This Festive Season

If Unathi Tong is the future of South Africa, then this country is in good hands.

Who is Unathi Tong?

Well, she’s someone Hot Cares has come to know over the last three years, since we were first approached to help her out with a school blazer, so that she could wear one with her achievement scrolls on it.

“That was Grade nine in 2019 and Hot Cares was so impressed with this young lady that we sponsored Unathi’s education – school fees, uniforms, textbooks, stationery, school outings etc – for her last three years at Princess High School,” says Carmen Rocha, Managing Director of Hot Cares.

Our faith in Unathi looked well-placed when she was named Head Girl for her final year, which was just reward for her commitment to her schooling over the past three years.

“We all know that Covid was tough on all of us, especially students and those living in informal settlements, who need electricity for studying,” says Carmen. 

Hot Cares often checked in on Unathi, but she never complained and only asked for extra maths lessons to ensure she did not fall behind. We also set Unathi up with a laptop and software, to make sure she had all the tools needed to fulfil her potential.  

Unathi has put in a lot of hard work over her last few months of matric and is eagerly awaiting her results, but she remains confident, having achieved an average of 79% leading up to her finals.

“Again, all she has asked for is extra lessons and assistance to attend a leadership camp, along with assistance with paying for university entrance exams,” says Carmen. “Unathi’s focus is on getting into university to study a BCom in economics – the first step in reaching her ultimate goal of becoming Governor of the Reserve Bank!”

We’re blown away by Unathi’s commitment to her studies, along with her responsibility and ambition, and Hot Cares feels that this is a bright young woman who deserves all the help she gets.

We believe that starts with a celebration for her excellent results, so we’re treating Unathi and her friends to a day – including dinner – at Gold Reef City, which she’s always wanted to visit.

In terms of her future, we just want to be part of it and have loved witnessing this beautiful young lady maximising the opportunity given to her.

We have no doubt that she has a great future ahead of her!

We also know that Unathi has explored bursary opportunities, but we want to take that stress off her plate and allow her to concentrate on her studies, so Hot Cares will be covering Unathi’s three-year BCom degree! This will include tuition, accommodation in res, meals, textbooks and all other educational resources that she might need!

We are so proud of Unathi and have absolutely no doubt that she will make a success of whatever she goes on to do!

Merry Christmas, Unathi!