Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with Injured Handyman

Hot Cares and Silverstar Casino continue to ‘pay it forward’ with another heart-warming story.

It’s part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, in partnership with HOT 102.7FM and HOT Cares.

Hot Cares and Silverstar are calling for nominations, for individuals, initiatives or organizations that could do with some help. You know – the ones that really deserve some assistance.

Every Wednesday on the HOT 1027 Breakfast, a life – or lives – will be changed. See further below for contact details.

Our next story concerns Mandla, a hardworking man in his 50s, who has provided for his family with the various handyman services he offers in the Robindale, Blairgowrie, Weltevreden and Fairlands areas.

His story came to Silverstar and Hot Cares via one of his clients, Eric, who has known Mandla for over 35 years.

Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with Injured Handyman

“He’s a beloved member of the community,” said Eric. “He provides for his wife and school-going daughter by doing odd jobs in the form of gardening, painting, and welding.”

Mandla’s bicycle is his primary means of transport, but he was unfortunately knocked off that bike by a car in August. He was admitted to Helen Joseph Hospital with his leg broken in three places and was only operated on two weeks later.

He’s now finally home recuperating, but obviously not in a position to generate any sort of income, as he’s going to be out of action for at least three months. On top of that, Mandla’s wife is a domestic worker and whilst her salary covers their daughter’s schooling and transport, it isn’t enough to support the whole family.

“He’s spent many sleepless nights trying to come up with ways of still being able to earn an income and perform his services,” said Eric, who relayed the story to the HOT 1027 Breakfast team on air. “He’s desperate to ensure his family is provided for and is even looking at trying to work and perform his services while still in a cast.”

Eric and the community have looked at various ways to help Mandla through the next three months whilst he can’t work, including the possibility of moving him closer to reduce his travel costs. Eric is concerned that Mandla’s determination to continue to support his family and not let them down may impact his healing process.

“Mandla’s family means the world to him and he would do anything to support and provide for them,” said Eric. “Unfortunately, the leg fractures are quite serious and if he does not allow himself to heal and recuperate, there are greater chances of long-term damage and disability.”

That’s where Silverstar and Hot Cares come in.

“Everyone in the Silverstar team was touched by Mandla’s circumstances and for someone who works so hard for his family, we all agreed that we had to step in and assist,” said Deon Basson of Silverstar.

Together we want to help this hard-working man, so Silverstar will be giving Mandla R6000 a month over the next three months to assist in providing for his family, while he recovers.

But that’s not all.

Silverstar will also be providing Mandla with an extra R650 a month in food vouchers over the next three months and we hope that this just takes some of the stress off the table, and that Mandla can focus on his recovery.

If you would like to nominate an individual, initiative or organization that could do with some help, as part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, send an email to