A Bike Called Milkshake

A Bike Called Milkshake

Today on Mansfield in the Morning we spoke to Cindy Van Wyk who shared her story.

Cindy is a breast cancer survivor who underwent a bilateral mastectomy and cancer treatment.  Her cancer was caught early and she is in remission mostly due to her faith and the fact that she had access to the correct medical treatment.

The sad reality is that there are too many women who do not have the financial means or access to cancer health services to detect cancer early on and have a better chance at survival.  Being a breast cancer survivor, Cindy became an ambassador for PinkDrive, South Africa’s Breast Cancer Community Carer, who powers South Africa’s first and only mobile Women’s Health Mammography and Gynaecology Units.

Now, Cindy is giving back and wanting to raise money for PinkDrive for a new mobile mammography unit and to educate women in Africa about breast cancer, by becoming the first breast cancer survivor to cycle the Tour d’ Afrique cycle race (https://tdaglobalcycling.com/tour-dafrique) – 12,000kms from Cairo to Cape Town, on a bicycle called Milkshake.

Hot Cares will be donating R5,000.00 towards Cindy’s journey, if you would like to get involved, you can get in touch with Cindy by visiting her website: http://milkshakediaries.co.za/

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

A Bike Called Milkshake

Hot Cares – Healing Wings

This morning, Hot Cares on Mansfield in the Morning spoke to Megan Brewer from Healing Wings.

Megan wrote to tell us about the incredible work they’re doing and about the far-reaching effects that work has had. While Healing Wings itself is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, one of their projects the Siza’umphakathi outreach project, has taken on a life of its own.

Working with the Mankele Trust Community for many years now, every Christmas they host an all-day family event for members of the community. They provide a meal and fun activities like a game of soccer or horse rides; they also use this event to put together and distribute parcels to over 130 children. Similar to a “Santa’s Shoebox”; the box would typically contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, washcloth, nappies, feminine hygiene products, clothing, underwear, baby formula, toys, school supplies and the like.

As Hot Cares, we’re greatly inspired by so successful an outreach project within a recovery centre, that we’d like to assist their efforts by donating R10 000 towards their Christmas parcels.

May every member of their community have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

A Bike Called Milkshake

FIBO Africa Challenge

The official launch of the FIBO Africa Corporate Challenge on Hot 91.9FM happened this morning on Mansfield in the Morning, with the aim of raising R91 900 for Hot Cares. We’re challenging corporates to take part in fun fitness challenges to find the fittest corporate in Joburg!

As the continent’s leading health, wellness and fitness festival filled with movement, equipment, active wear, health food, fitness demonstrations and classes, FIBO Africa in partnership with Hot 91.9FM, have seen firsthand how health, wellness and fitness can change lives and we’ve decided to harness this power to make an impact in our community.

The teams will take part in three events: the Dis-Chem Trolley Dash, the MX-4 Challenge and the MOVE Studio Challenge. Teams will be awarded points per event and the team with the most points will win the Corporate Challenge and walk away with the grand prize of R91 900 worth of on-air advertising on Hot 91.9 FM and Matrix Fitness will set up a corporate gym for three months at the winning team’s office.

ENTER TODAY: FIBO Corporate Challenge

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

These companies have taken up the challenge so far

A Bike Called Milkshake

Gogo’s 100th Birthday

Robinah contacted Hot Cares on behalf of her beloved grandmother who lives in the Lorraine area in Tzaneen. As we read her letter, we got a deep sense of Robinah’s love and gratitude as she described how through thick and thin, her grandmother has always been there; to love, guide and advise her. She attributes her granny’s impact on her life as the reason why Robinah has turned out as the happy, hardworking and positive person that she is today.

At nearly 100 years old, she is still so curious about life and is especially interested in aeroplanes and how they work; but she’s never had the opportunity to travel in one. With her 100th birthday on the 8th of October, Hot Cares decided to send Robinah and her Gogo on a trip of a lifetime!

We are flying Gogo Madyandlula, her daughter Jane and her granddaughter Robinah to PE with two nights’ accommodation courtesy of the Port Elizabeth Hotel Group; and of course, we’ve thrown in some spending money to ensure they have a weekend to remember!

Happy Birthday Gogo Madyandlula!

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

A Bike Called Milkshake

Juanita and Charmaine

Charmaine contacted Hot Cares with a request for her amazing, resilient sister, Juanita who has had a rough go of it lately. Both Juanita and Charmaine lost their mother in 2017, but in the following year Juanita was also faced with her ending of her 25-year-long marriage.

While Juanita is picking up the pieces, Charmaine has taken it upon herself to cheer her sister up for her birthday in October and bought tickets to Prime Fest for Juanita to see her favourite bands Prime Circle and the Parlotones.

To make her day extra special, Hot Cares will be giving Juanita an additional 4 VIP tickets including backstage passes and so she can meet and greet the guys!

Hot Cares on Hot 91.9FM reach out to assist Fellow Presenter Neville Pillay

On Thursday, 25 July, award winning Hot 91.9FM’s Managing Director, Lloyd Madurai was informed by Sheena Sewpersadh, a listener in Durban who streams Hot 91.9FM, about fellow radio presenter Neville Pillay critical medical situation and his desperate need of financial assistance to pay medical bills. Immediately Lloyd reached out to the station’s presenters and it was agreed that Hot 91.9FM would help a friend and fellow deejay.

Neville Pillay (48), a former ECR and Lotus FM presenter and comedian, recently suffered a heart attack and mild stroke. In addition, the blood vessels in his eyes burst, which has resulted in him being left with partial vision and his kidneys have started to fail.
Neville’s wife, Carol has said their lives have been turned upset down. “We do not have medical aid so are relying on the government hospitals which in itself has many challenges. We have used up all our savings and are now looking for financial assistance with medical costs”.
Neville and Carol have two girls, 17 and 8. Carol adds, “Neville is just surviving. Our kids are at their lowest, seeing their dad this way. Our youngest refuses to go to school because she is afraid something will happen to him and the older one, out of desperation, posted about our plight on her dad’s Facebook page”
Speaking on behalf of Hot 91.9FM, Lloyd Madurai said, “Hot Cares will cover their medical aid contributions for one year – up to the value of R50 000. We at Hot 91.9FM believe in the power of community, especially community coming together to help others. With this in mind, we would appreciate any assistance that our South African Community can give to Neville Pillay and his family – you can make a difference!”.

If you are able to assist the Pillay family, please email hotcares@hot919.co.za.