Hot Cares DisChem Foundation help Medrine

HOT Cares and the Dis-Chem Foundation ‘See’ a Way Forward for 34-Year-Old Medrine

Most of us take our basic senses and appearance for granted.

Things such as our sight, smell and hearing.

But, Medrine Mafenya knows what it’s like to have only half the sight she should have. On top of that, she knows all about the knock-on effects of having a visible disability.

Medrine is a 34-year-old woman living in the Princess informal settlement on the West Rand. She lost an eye as a child and since then has had an artificial – or ‘prosthetic’ – eye.

“The problem now is that the lower lid of the socket has become loose and the artificial eye doesn’t fit properly,” said Medrine, when contacting Hot Cares with details of her situation. “The artificial eye also slips out when l am walking in the streets and children are afraid of how l look, often covering their faces when they look at me. I have lost confidence and I’ve been avoiding people, because l am afraid of my eye falling out.”

Her appearance has also affected Medrine’s employment opportunities, so she contacted Eyes Alive, an eye clinic in Randburg, where she was quoted R24 000 for the surgery she requires. Unfortunately, this out of reach for her, financially.

So, Hot Cares decided to step in, referring Medrine to Gavin Downward, an ocularist we’ve worked with before.

He met with her, assessed her eye, and confirmed that Medrine was in need of attention, immediately fitting her with a temporary eye and then another, once the inflammation of the back of the eye had subsided.

Once that inflammation has gone completely, the next step is for Gavin to make a final impression of the eye socket and then a final beautiful eye for Medrine, which is just great news!

At the same time, Hot Cares approached the Dis-Chem Foundation, as they are passionate about better health, changing people’s lives and improving their circumstances. Medrine certainly fits the bill, as having this prosthetic eye will not only help her feel better and more confident, but also hopefully open doors for her to find employment.

As a result, the Dis-Chem Foundation said they were happy to get onboard and pay for the prosthetic eye for Medrine!

Excellent news and a huge thank you to the Dis-Chem Foundation and Gavin Downward! 

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