HOT Cares Eases the Burden for Desperate Hairdresser Unable to Work

Certain jobs require certain skillsets, but some jobs are directly linked to our physical make-up and rely entirely on someone’s ability to use a particular part of the body.

Such as hairdressing.

You need the use of your hands and without that use, you simply can’t cut or style hair, meaning you can’t work.

That’s the reality facing Rachel, following a freak accident at her son’s birthday party that left her with a badly-broken wrist.

“Rachel’s hands are her bread and butter,” said her sister Clair in an email to Hot Cares. “Without surgery immediately, she wouldn’t be able to work again. This just a devastating injury for her.”

Unfortunately, Rachel doesn’t have medical aid, making her situation even worse, and as a small business owner and the breadwinner of her family, this injury affects not only her family’s income, but that of her employee as well.

That’s why getting surgery as soon as possible was so important to Rachel, but she had to crowd-fund a substantial loan – in the region of R80 000 – just to raise the money for the procedure. That money obviously now has to be paid back.

“She is always the person who drops everything for everyone to help and every month, in addition to paying her own house rent, salon rent and salaries, her children’s school fees and food etc, she also pays the rent for our elderly parents,” said Clair. 

HOT Cares Eases the Burden for Desperate Hairdresser Unable to Work

That’s why she wants to help her sister wherever she can.

“As her sister I just feel helpless,” said Clair. “She desperately needs her hands in order to make a living, and on top of that the pain she has been in has been excruciating”.

Rachel is now in recovery from the surgery, but facing weeks of not being able to work, nor generate an income. No surprise, then, that when The Big Joburg Drive from HOT 102.7FM called her up, she was emotional, as she talked through her situation with Tony, Tara and Dylan.

Fortunately, they were able to deliver some good news, on behalf of Hot Cares, which will be paying two months of rent for Rachel’s salon, as well as settling her employee’s salary for the next two months.

That’s just to ensure Rachel has some peace of mind whilst she recovers.

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