HOT Cares Helps Single Mother Get the Care Her Daughter Desperately Needs

The love of a mother knows no bounds.

We see it all the time here at Hot Cares, but every time we receive a related story, it’s a reminder that there really is nothing like a mother’s love.

Pauline is such a mother.

Unfortunately, her daughter, Cleve, is very ill and no-one seems to know what’s wrong with her. Her GP suspects that the pain she is experiencing is being caused by her kidneys and unfortunately general x-rays aren’t able to pick anything up.

HOT Cares Helps Single Mother Get the Care Her Daughter Desperately Needs

“She’s constantly off work due to her health issues and this is affecting her minimal income,” said Pauline. “She’s lost four kilograms in the past few weeks and is unable to eat or keep anything down, other than yoghurt. The pain is constant and it looks like it’s getting worse every day. Cleve has even collapsed at work from the intense pain.”

Pauline has been advised that Cleve needs to see a specialist and requires specialised scans to see exactly what is wrong. That might also involve a gastroscope, but all of that is going to cost money and Pauline – a single mother – just doesn’t have the means. She has medical insurance, but it won’t cover the specialist help Cleve clearly needs.

“I’m so desperate and I’m prepared to sell my car – my only form transport – if it means I can get Cleve the help she needs,” said Pauline.

She’s been a single mother for some time now and it’s clear Pauline would do anything for her daughter. Unfortunately, whilst being a responsible parent by getting medical insurance, it’s still not enough for what Cleve needs, which is obviously a source of huge frustration for Pauline.

Hot Cares feels Pauline’s pain, never mind the pain that poor Cleve is going through, and we want to do whatever we can to help.

With that in mind, Hot Cares will be covering the costs of the specialist consultation, as well as the cost of the scan to determine what the cause of the pain is, including if Cleve requires a gastroscope.

We hope this brings Pauline and Cleve some peace of mind and hope they can get some sort of resolution and find exactly what’s wrong with Cleve.

Wishing them lots of luck!

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