Hot Cares Helps Emily

People who care for animals usually have the biggest hearts and that certainly seems the case with Philippa du Toit, who runs a charity organization called Blind Love Africa.

Blind Love Africa provides a safe, loving home to horses in need and also aims to improve the lives of all animals in surrounding disadvantaged communities, through education and access to essential veterinary services.

Du Toit started the organization years ago when she rescued a blind horse that was going to be put down, and over the years she has rescued many more unwanted horses, donkeys, a three-legged cat and more! She’s also started a cart horse outreach programme and has trained owners to weave harnesses that are much more comfortable for horses.

All of this information came to Hot Cares courtesy of Philippa’s friend Vanessa, who simply said, “I would love you to please help my friend Philippa. She has the world’s biggest heart, but as a family, circumstances meant Philippa and her family had to leave their home in the Free State and move to the Eastern Cape. The builder they took on to help them with their home vanished with their cash.”

Devastating for Philippa, but according to Vanessa, she continues to prioritise her animals. 

“They have had a severe shortage of funds and she has had to do public appeals to be able to pay her wonderful groom, which she does before putting food on her own table,” says Vanessa. “Every day is a struggle for funds to feed and look after her beloved animals and continue running her charity.”

Philippa has continued to look for ways to keep her good work going, with her and her daughters even resorting to selling t-shirts and setting up flea market stalls. 

“This very deserving organisation could really use some love and care,” says Vanessa, and here at Hot Cares we couldn’t agree more. 

As a result, Hot Cares will be topping up Philippa’s Equi-Feeds account with R10 000!

Similarly, if you would like to make a donation to Blind Love Africa, please send an email to

Or, if you are in a position to donate towards making a meaningful difference or have a story to alert us to, or a programme you’d like to partner with Hot Cares on, please get in touch with us by emailing the same address.