HOT Cares Provides Welcome Relief for Struggling Couple with Serious Health Issues

It’s tough asking for help and it’s something that doesn’t come easy to many of us.

But, sometimes you just need to put yourself out there, particularly if you find yourself in a desperate situation.

That’s the situation Karin found herself in, prompting her to write to Hot Cares.

Karin is a 40-year-old living with Stargardt disease, which is a rare genetic eye disease that occurs when fatty material builds up on the macula — the small part of the retina needed for sharp, central vision. Vision loss is one of the results and there’s unfortunately no cure for it.

Karin now finds herself with only 10% of her vision left and what’s stressing her out is the fact that she’s the sole provider in her family, with her husband having had his own health issues recently.

HOT Cares Provides Welcome Relief for Struggling Couple with Serious Health Issues

Karin’s husband is a diabetic and has had two amputations in the last two years, due to his condition, and is currently awaiting a third, after which he will need rehab and a prosthetic leg.

Karin’s concern is providing for them both, but this is being compromised by her declining sight.

“As you can gather, my world is falling apart,” she says. “I cannot drive our car due to my Stargardt illness and my husband will not be able to drive for a very long time. I need to work to be able to support him with all the medical expenses, as we do not have medical aid.”

Karin is looking for help with a portable magnifier to help her with her sight. She currently uses an electronic desktop magnifier at work, where she is in the financial department, but loadshedding has made this an unstable option.

As a result, she’s looking for a video portable magnifier that she can use when the power is off. Karin has researched her options, but the cost is prohibitive, considering their current financial position.

“It’s very difficult for me to enter shops or any public place where I have to read prices or fill out forms, as I don’t have a portable device to assist me,” she says.

It’s obvious that Karin is desperate and Hot Cares hates to see people in this position. We want to help Karin and her husband wherever we can.

With that in mind, Hot Cares will be providing a colour video magnifier that comes with a talking wristwatch, to the value of R7400! On top of that, we will also be donating an invertor, so she is seldom without power. And lastly, to bring a little bit of light into their lives, Hot Cares will also be extending the love to Karin’s husband by providing him with a prosthesis, once he is healed from his up-and-coming surgery.

We hope these interventions go some way to easing their difficult situation.

Similarly, if you are a prospective partner of Hot Cares, or if you are in a position to donate towards making a meaningful difference, or have a story to alert us to, or a programme you’d like to partner with Hot Cares on, please get in touch with us by emailing