HOT Cares Settles University Debt for Deserving Student

No-one should be punished for working hard to provide for their child.

But, that’s exactly what’s happened to Debbie, single mother of 19-year-old Lamees, who is studying towards a Bachelor of Music at North-West University.

Lamees attended Jeppe High School for Girls on a Ruth First Bursary and excelled there, getting great academic results, being named a Councillor/Prefect, and finding that she had a talent for music, going on to be a soloist in the school choir, as well as a violinist.

HOT Cares Settles University Debt for Deserving Student

During her time at high school, Lamees researched a career in music therapy, realising that this career path would not only involve her passion for music, but also allow her to be able to assist people from all walks of life.

During this time, she realised that funding her future studies would be the only obstacle, so Lamees set out to apply for bursaries, as she comes from a single parent home and her mother earned below the threshold. She applied for a NSFAS bursary and was successful, with Lamees then taking up a position at North-West University.

She has thrived there and is even studying to be able to teach violin to supplement her income, while still maintaining her academic results.

Now, here comes the catch.

Whilst Lamees has been away from home studying, Debbie has started working overtime to generate additional funds for the living expenses Lamees has. Unfortunately, this has now resulted in Debbie’s overtime taking her over the threshold for a NSFAS bursary and this been rescinded.

Obviously, this has been a huge shock for Lamees, having her funding taken away in the middle of the year, resulting in her suffering depression and anxiety at not being able to complete her studies.

Debbie is appealing the NSFAS decision, but this is a tedious procedure with no guarantee and may not be resolved in time for Lamees to continue her studies and finish her first year.

So, Hot Cares wants to help.

We see a promising young girl, who works hard, has a great future, and has done nothing wrong, with a mother who just wants to provide for her child and give her the best start in life.

We see no reason why Debbie and Lamees should be punished and that’s why Hot Cares is stepping in to fill the gap and ensure that Lamees can complete her first year of studies, stumping up the R74 000 required to see her through to the end of the year!

We hope this intervention goes some way to setting Lamees on the path to the future she so richly deserves.

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