HOT Cares Takes Care Of A Light Wheelchair And An Electric Scooter For Deserving Recipient

It’s been a tough life for Elizabeth, but fortunately she has a loving family that looks after her and ensures she gets the care she needs, despite their challenges.

Just to paint the picture – Elizabeth was born with both diabetes and epilepsy, and her parents were told that she wouldn’t live long.

Over 48 years later, she is still going strong and has a life, and that’s largely down to the love and care of her family.

Her mother, Riekie, quickly realised that she would have to take it upon herself to care for Elizabeth full-time and in later years has been assisted by her other daughter, Annelie.

But, it’s been a struggle.

HOT Cares Takes Care of Two Important Wheelchairs for Deserving Recipient

Balancing the needs of the diabetes and epilepsy has been tricky, with different medication for each resulting in a knock-on effect with the other. So, it’s been a real journey for Elizabeth, her mom and sister.

On top of that, due to their financial circumstances, all Elizabeth’s doctor visits take place at government hospitals, which requires Riekie getting there at about five o’clock in the morning, to wait in line to see a doctor. This wait can be as long as 12 hours and Elizabeth is unable to wait without the assistance of a wheelchair.

Compounding the issue is the fact that Riekie is now getting on in age and has knee trouble, so she struggles with the wheelchairs at the hospital, as they are quite heavy. In fact, Riekie actually needs a double knee replacement and is on a waiting list for the operation, but still takes her daughter to hospital every week and pushes her around.

Riekie really has been a pillar of strength for her daughter and sadly lost her husband a few years ago to cancer, so there isn’t much support, besides that of Annelie, who is the family’s only breadwinner and has also dedicated her life to taking care of the family.

Finances, though, are an issue.

All of this was relayed to the HOT 1027 Breakfast team by family friend Amanda.

“They are the most caring, giving, kindest people I have ever had the honour of knowing,” she said. “They never complain and their attitude has not only shaped my outlook on life by always looking for the silver lining, but also taught me that no matter how bad things are, we are blessed in so many ways.”

They sound like lovely people and this was obvious when Parky and the team called up Annelie.

They gave her the good news that Hot Cares will be stumping up for a newer model wheelchair that is light and easier to manoeuvre, as well as an electric wheelchair for Elizabeth that can be used to assist her with her independence and movement.

We hope this provides the family with just some sort of help with managing Elizbeth’s care.

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