Animals have no safety net in society and no voices of their own, but they touch our hearts in deep and meaningful ways.

However, Pet owners in disadvantaged communities love their pets just as anywhere else. But pets suffer from poverty the same way their owners do.

Without the means to provide proper care, pets can be vulnerable to disease, malnutrition, and abandonment. Dogs and cats in developing countries are particularly likely to suffer from neglect and poor health.

Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) is a welfare organisation that brings new hope to impoverished communities- where traditional veterinary services are often unavailable. They assist in providing veterinary services to dogs and cats, as well as vital animal care education to pet owners in Johannesburg’s poorest township areas. The organisation also works closely with community-based organisations, schools, the Department of Agriculture, and veterinary services around the city.

CLAW really cares for the community by assisting with food parcel distribution, facilitating a home-based care programme where community members are taught how to care for the sick, planting food gardens, supporting child-headed households and helping communities access health care.

The organisation is in dire need of the following items and donations:

  • Black dustbin bags,
  • Dog, cat, kitten, and puppy food (especially tinned food)
  • Towels and fleece blankets,
  • Cat and dog carriers
  • Bleach
  • Handy-Andy
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Washing powder

If you can assist with donations, please contact Hot Cares at

Hot Cares thanks CLAW for the important work they do and their generous spirit of assisting those less fortunate. Hot Cares has purchased animal supplies to the value of R5000 for CLAW, to help them continue providing vet care and humane education in impoverished informal settlements.