Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with Important Help for Forest Farm Centre

Hot Cares and Silverstar Casino continue to ‘pay it forward’ with another heart-warming story.

It’s part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, in partnership with HOT 102.7FM and HOT Cares.

Hot Cares and Silverstar are calling for nominations, for individuals, initiatives or organizations that could do with some help. You know – the ones that really deserve some assistance.

Every Wednesday on the HOT 1027 Breakfast, a life – or lives – will be changed. See further below for contact details.

Our next story concerns Forest Farm in Bryanston, a specialist care centre for adults with cerebral palsy conditions and special needs.

Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with Important Help for Forest Farm Centre

The wellbeing of their residents is at the heart of everything they do at Forest Farm and they strive to provide for their special needs in a manner that enables them to live rich, fulfilling lives.

This much was clear when representative Peter Lombard joined the HOT 1027 Breakfast and Deon Basson of Silverstar on air.

As Peter explained, Forest Farm brings together the very best in clinical treatment to deliver outstanding overall care and using a process of thorough assessment, they create a bespoke, holistic care pathway for everyone in their care.

“Our primary focus is individual care, as opposed to institutional care, and caring for the whole person,” said Peter.

That includes varying levels of care, dependent on the condition and needs of the resident, covering standard care, supervisory care, full care and dependent care.

Forest Farm Centre currently has 68 residents, with 18 of those adult orphans who don’t have family supporting their living costs, with their costs subsidised by the centre.

As with many similar organisations, Forest Farm relies on a grant from the Department of Social Development for its funding, with its other incomes streams the rental fees paid by residents, donations from companies, individuals, clubs, churches, and schools, and internal donations from its book and charity shops.

All of this feeds the funding model, with Forest Farm providing its residents with three meals a day, which, when you do the maths, adds up to a lot of dishes, cutlery, pots, and pans that need to be cleaned throughout the day.

To deal with that, the staff have put themselves on rosters to take on the extra kitchen duties, but that is taking time away from their residents and the assistance they need.

So, no surprise to hear that a dishwasher is desperately needed, as is a lawnmower.

That’s because, with their residents in wheelchairs or making use of walkers, for example, it is very important that their gardens are maintained to keep their residents safe.

It’s also no surprise to hear that these proposed expenses are currently out of reach for Forest Farm.

But, that’s where the fantastic partners Hot Cares has come in – just like Silverstar.

As Deon explained, everyone at Silverstar was deeply touched when they heard about Forest Farm and the care they provide, and they want to ensure the staff can continue to give their undivided time and attention to their residents.

So, Silverstar will be purchasing them a new dishwasher and lawnmower!

“That is just remarkable,” said Peter. “Heartfelt thanks and appreciation! You know, living in a wheelchair, their world is in that wheelchair, and being able to get out into a clean environment is just going to make a world of a difference and provide a breath of fresh air for our residents.”

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