Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with Rehab Funds for Injured Little Boy

Hot Cares and Silverstar Casino continue to ‘pay it forward’ with another heart-warming story.

It’s part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, in partnership with HOT 102.7FM and HOT Cares.

Hot Cares and Silverstar are calling for nominations, for individuals, initiatives or organizations that could do with some help. You know – the ones that really deserve some assistance. 

Every Wednesday on the HOT 1027 Breakfast, a life – or lives – will be changed. See further below for contact details.

Our next story concerns Arthur, your typical 13-year-old boy who works hard at school, enjoys his sport, has fun with his friends, and adores his mom and older sister.

Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with Rehab Funds for Injured Little Boy

It’s just the three of them, with Nicolette a single mother who just wants to provide for her children. Things are quite tight, financially, so when Arthur’s school announced that a particular day would be a ‘market day’ at school and she didn’t have the funds for him to participate, she just kept him home, as there would be no classes to attend.

Nicolette relayed the story to the HOT 1027 Breakfast team and Deon Basson of Silverstar, when she joined them on air on HOT 102.7FM.

She told them that Arthur is well aware of what his mom does for the family and that’s why when he found himself at home, he wanted to use the opportunity to help out around the house by doing the dishes.

Unfortunately, despite his best intentions, that desire to help resulted in a disastrous accident, when a glass broke, it splintered in his hands and cut his middle finger to the bone, with the tendon almost completely severed.

No surprise that Arthur needed immediate surgery and now faces months of rehabilitation – a traumatic experience for him and his mom, but also one that brings significant pressure to the household, due to the costs that are being incurred.

Nicolette only has a basic medical aid and unfortunately it has not covered all the charges, as well as the follow-up doctor visits, never mind the rehabilitation costs for the next few months.

She just doesn’t have the budget for these unexpected costs and has even set up a Back-a-Buddy page to assist with the initial costs, whilst knowing that she will need more help with the rehabilitation and therapy costs.

On top of this, Nicolette is dealing with her own guilt, as it was her decision to keep Arthur at home on that day, but as she told the team on air, she knows she has to remain strong for her kids.

That being said, she can’t get away from the money needed for Arthur’s rehabilitation and it’s here that Silverstar and Hot Cares want to help.

As Deon explained, when Silverstar heard about Arthur’s accident and his need for support, they knew it was time to jump into action. Silverstar has a huge amount of respect and admiration for single mothers, particularly in today’s climate where most household finances are squeezed to the limit. Silverstar was so impressed with the consideration and love that Arthur showed his mother by simply wanting to do the dishes and lighten her load.

It’s with that in mind that Deon was able to break the good news to Nicolette that Silverstar would be contributing R20 000 to Arthur’s rehab and therapy!

“Thank you so much,” said a tearful Nicolette. “I hope my Arthur is an inspiration to other little boys out there.”

If you would like to nominate an individual, initiative or organization that could do with some help, as part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, send an email to