Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with TV Room Treats for Kosmos House

Hot Cares and Silverstar Casino continue to ‘pay it forward’ with another heart-warming story.

It’s part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, in partnership with HOT 102.7FM and HOT Cares.

Hot Cares and Silverstar are calling for nominations, for individuals, initiatives or organizations that could do with some help. You know – the ones that really deserve some assistance. 

Every Wednesday on the HOT 1027 Breakfast, a life – or lives – will be changed. See further below for contact details.

Our next story concerns Kosmos House, which is a home for children who have been removed from their parents due to circumstances that have been declared unfit for them and have been placed in special care. Here they are looked after physically and emotionally to ensure they are given an opportunity to grow up in a loving and caring environment.

Hot Cares and Silverstar Pay it Forward with TV Room Treats for Kosmos House

Kosmos House does fantastic work and it has a huge supporter in Yolandi, who contacted Hot Cares about it.

It is subsidised by the Department of Social Development, but the subsidy doesn’t cover the full cost of the program, so Kosmos House also relies on additional sponsorships.

Within Kosmos House, the kids are cared for by their housemother Priscilla, who does everything to provide them with a loving and caring environment, after all these children have been through.

There are currently nine children under her care, with three boys aged 11 and six girls aged 15. 

Priscilla does her utmost to take care of them and provide them with the most normal ‘family’ environment, such as watching TV together in their very modest lounge area.

All of this came out when the HOT 1027 Breakfast team called her up and had her on the show.

There it came to light that the TV room at Kosmos House really doesn’t have much – including a broken TV – and it’s here that Silverstar and Hot Cares saw an opportunity to make a difference to these young lives.

Deon Basson from Silverstar joined the HOT 1027 Breakfast team on air to explain to Priscilla that Silverstar will be stumping up for a brand-new TV!

But, that’s not all.

As Deon explained, Silverstar also wants to help create a space where the kids can enjoy their downtime and have some fun together. So, in addition to the TV, the lounge is going to get an upgrade, with Silverstar buying new curtains and a carpet for the room.

On top of that, as Deon said, what’s a movie or TV without the popcorn and snacks?

So, Silverstar will also be buying Kosmos House a new microwave oven, along with a toaster and a few other kitchen items!

“Oh, wow, thank you so much,” said Priscilla. “I’m so, so grateful.”

We hope this goes some way to making Kosmos House even more of a home for these kids.

If you would like to nominate an individual, initiative or organization that could do with some help, as part of the Silverstar Pays It Forward campaign, send an email to