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HOT Cares Christmas and CE Mobility Come Together to Help Car Accident Victim This Festive Season

This story has touched the hearts of everyone in the Hot Cares Christmas team.

We were contacted by Vicky Pheiffer, who unfortunately was in a car accident last year, which left her in a wheelchair.

“This changed my life into a living nightmare and although many injuries can be treated, this one needs more than just a Band Aid and pain tablets,” says Vicky. “My situation requires extensive, expensive and specialized surgery and rehabilitation.” 

That being said, Vicky has maintained a positive outlook on life, despite her circumstances.

“I appreciate life, love my world, love to connect with friends, be a mother to my children and a wife to my loving husband,” she says.

Vicky is an outdoors person and loves walking around her garden, going on hikes, and the sunlight on her skin. On top of that, she says she has never taken life for granted and has always tried to give back, through charity, food projects, donations etc.

But, she now finds herself in a wheelchair for most of the day and cannot stand up without assistance. She has trouble bathing herself and needs the help of her husband for that and other duties.

“Going outside is a mission, as my chair goes first, then I’m carried out and strapped in, and I can no longer feel the fresh grass under my feet and my hands filled with soil. I am in pain, but I am not beaten,” says Vicky.

Compounding the situation is the fact that Vicky and her husband are now living off just one salary, as she has found trying to find employment a challenge since her accident, despite having an international qualification as a PA.

“I am very willing and able to work and I have had lots of interviews, but as soon as they see me in a wheelchair then the interview is over and the position has been filled,” she says. 

That one salary is just enough to pay rent, petrol, electricity, and water, but there are some days when Vicky and her husband have absolutely no food in the house and go to bed hungry.

“I just want my life back, my pain relieved, and to be able to give back again,” says Vicky.

So, how can the Hot Cares Christmas team make a difference to Vicky’s life this festive season?

Well, we know that since her car accident, doing day-to-day things has become incredibly difficult, so we wanted to do what we could to ease that pain for her.

Fortunately, we have great partners in our stable, like CE Mobility, the wheelchair and seating specialists. We decided to call them and they have really come to the party!

CE Mobility are going to be providing Vicky with a bath lift to the value of R12 677!

On top of that, the Hot Cares Christmas team will also be sending Vicky groceries to the value of R5000!