Most of us know someone affected by the recent devastating floods in KwaZulu-Natal, and it’s been heart-breaking seeing what the people of the province have been through.

That’s why Hot Cares has such respect for the work done by people like Neil Golding, the owner of DC Coffee and the man behind the ‘KZN Relief Project’. 

“As a Johannesburg-based business with community impact at the core of our business, we are leading and mobilising our local community to contribute towards relief efforts in KZN,” said Neil.

His organisation is collecting a range of items they hope will go just a little way towards easing the pain of the people most affected.

They include:

  • essential care packs for babies (nappies, formula etc)
  • food/family care parcels (water, dried foodstuffs, tinned food, maize, beans, oil, rice, blankets, clothing, plastic bowls)
  • animal care packs (pet food, animal blankets)

“Over and above what is listed above, we will also be compiling frontline ‘worker jars’ for the volunteers and search and rescue teams on the frontlines,” said Neil. 

The KZN Relief Project also has a local partner in the province – the Domino Foundation, which is an accredited relief organisation providing support to 27 halls within nine informal communities affected in KZN.

“They are one of the main umbrella organisations facilitating efforts in the region and we will be distributing all items through them with 100% accountability in place,” said Neil. “We are also plugging into Brenda’s Angels, which is a registered animal welfare organisation supplying a lot of the K9 rescue dogs to the search operations. They also work with the SPCA and other local animal welfare organisations, and will manage the distribution of our donations.” 

The KZN Relief Project is sending trucks down to KZN and is encouraging members of the public to join them in donating whatever they can.  

Items can be dropped off at the DC Coffee Co store at Shop 1, 18 Sunset Avenue, Pineslopes before Thursday the 28th of April. For more info, Neil can be contacted on 064 535 0734 and all details will be available on their social pages (@dccoffeeco). Financial donations are also possible.

So, how can Hot Cares help and play a part in this outstanding initiative?

Well, we’d like to contribute to the list of things most needed by the poor people of KZN, particularly the little ones. So, Hot Cares will be delivering R5000 worth of baby supplies, nappies, formula, bottles, dummies, wet wipes, and lotions to DC Coffee, ahead of the trip down south.

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