HOT Cares Gets Behind SA Depression & Anxiety Group Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign

HOT Cares Gets Behind SA Depression & Anxiety Group Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign

During the month of February, the world observes Teen Suicide Prevention Week and for seven days – 12 to 19 February – the focus is on adolescent and youth physical and mental health challenges.

According to The South African Depression & Anxiety Group, teen suicide is becoming more common every year in South Africa. It says only car accidents and homicide kill more youth between the ages of 15 and 24, and in South Africa 9% of all teen deaths are caused by suicide.

That’s why SADAG is creating awareness around Teen Suicide Prevention Week and Hot Cares is firmly behind them.

SADAG is Africa’s largest mental health patient advocacy group and runs the country’s only suicide crisis helpline.

They will be highlighting the crisis faced by so many teens during this week by launching a nationwide social media campaign. The aim of this campaign is to create awareness around the signs and symptoms to look out for in teens in crisis, and to highlight help that is available.

This year’s theme is #CheckIn and SADAG will be encouraging friends, parents and teachers to do a ‘mental health check-in’ with a teen to help encourage safe conversations around feelings such as depression and suicide.

According to SADAG, research proves that by talking about depression and suicide, it can actually save lives. They will be equipping people with what to say, signs and symptoms to look out for, and how to get help.

SADAG will be using three hashtags for this campaign – #VibeCheck, #CheckInWithSADAG, and #StopTeenSuicide – and Hot Cares wants to play its part in driving this campaign, along with radio partner HOT 102.7FM.

That’s why, if you tuned into Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show on Monday the 13th of February, you would have heard Tony and the team chatting to SADAG Board Chairperson and psychiatrist, Dr. Mashadi Motlana.

The team were also able to break the good news to Dr. Motlana, as Hot Cares is going to be stumping up two laptops for SADAG’s counsellors, as well as providing them with an inverter to keep their call centre operating during loadshedding.

How about that?

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