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HOT Cares Helps Women & Men Against Child Abuse with Vital Inverter

Relationships are a key part of the work that Hot Cares does and all the relationships that we have been able to build over the years have played a huge role in Hot Cares making a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us.

That’s why when one of our partners comes calling and asks for help, we jump through whatever hoops we can, to do what we can.

Women and Men Against Child Abuse are such a partner and they obviously do incredible work themselves, providing a service that really does add value in an important space.

Women and Men Against Child Abuse is a non-profit child protection organisation “committed to fighting for the rights of the child and to end the abuse of children in South Africa, through a multifaceted, dynamic and aggressive offensive against any form of abuse and gender violence.”

Hot Cares has worked with Women and Men Against Child Abuse for a number of years and we truly value the work they do protecting our country’s vulnerable women and children. 

Part of that work sees WMACA involved in a number of court cases and if you’ve ever been to court, you’ll know that it usually involves lots of paperwork.

That’s one of the reasons why Hot Cares has previously helped WMACA with laptops and paper, to aid them in the work they do.

Whilst this has obviously been a help, another issue has more recently popped up for WMACA and it’s one we can all relate to.

Load shedding.

Each of us has a story regarding how it is affecting our lives, but have you ever thought of the impact on organisations like Women and Men Against Child Abuse?

Well, it’s huge, and that’s why when Hot Cares heard that load shedding was playing a role in stopping Women and Men against Child Abuse getting necessary documents ready for court, we felt we had to step in.

That involved getting WMACA Executive Director Kevin Barbeau on the line on Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show, with the team breaking the good news to him that Hot Cares would be purchasing an inverter to keep WMACA’s computers, printers and lights on during load shedding!

That’s worth approximately R10 000 to R15 000!

Hot Cares, though, is well aware that Women and Men Against Child Abuse has three clinics, so we are appealing to all of HOT 102.7FM’s listeners to see if they are in a position to put some money to this good cause, and possibly help WMACA get their hands on more inverters.

Similarly, if you are in a position to donate towards making a meaningful difference or have a story to alert us to, or a programme you’d like to partner with Hot Cares on, please get in touch with us by emailing