HOT Cares Takes Care of Important Medication for Teen with Skin Condition

Navigating your teenage years can be hard enough.

But, when you’re trying to do it with a chronic skin condition, that’s a situation no youngster should have to deal with.

That’s the case with Samu, a sweet 15-year-old who struggles with a really bad skin condition.

As a teenager, this has sadly impacted her self-esteem due to the unfortunate teasing she has experienced because of it.

Samu’s mom, Angela, has taken her to the clinic on numerous occasions, but they’ve been unable to determine or diagnose her condition. This has resulted in Samu spending countless days missing school and some of those days have even been spent under observation in hospital.

HOT Cares Takes Care of Important Medication for Teen with Skin Condition

So, her education has been impacted by her skin condition and here at Hot Cares we feel that this is not something any youngster should have to suffer.

Samu has always been a confident and outgoing young girl, but the condition has left her incredibly self-conscious and constantly feeling anxious for when the next flare-up may occur. She has become withdrawn and feels ashamed of her appearance, with the eczema not only affecting her self-image, but also causing her a great deal of pain and discomfort.

This was something made clear to The Big Joburg Drive team when they called up Angela on air on HOT 102.7FM, with Samu’s mother painting the full picture of what her poor daughter has been going through.

As always, Hot Cares wants to help where we can.

That’s why we sent Samu to Dr Madhi for a consultation, where she was finally able to receive a diagnosis for her condition. She has been diagnosed with severe eczema, which is what causes the flare-up of her acne too. Samu was given a six-month prescription for medication, but this medication is on the pricey side, costing nearly R700 every month.

Sadly, this is out of reach for Angela on her domestic worker’s salary.

So, Hot Cares is going to take care of that monthly cost for the next six months.

We hope this will reduce Samu’s pain and discomfort, as well as ease some of the anxiety that she struggles with, and hopefully help her return to the confident person she used to be.

On top of that, we’re going to be treating Angela and Samu to a ‘Mother and Daughter Day’ at their closest Sorbet, to the value of R1 500!

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