_Dis-Chem Foundation and Hot Cares BLOG IMAGE

HOT CARES, the charity initiative aligned to HOT 102.7FM is proud to announce a partnership with the Dis-Chem Foundation. The initial 1-year partnership will see the Dis-Chem Foundation and HOT CARES combine resources to assist communities and individuals in need.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Dis-Chem foundation, says Carmen Rocha, Manager of HOT CARES. “Our values and those of Dis-Chem are aligned in that HOT CARES seeks to make a positive and sustainable impact within the community, whilst the values of the Dis-Chem foundation are “Caring for the Community”. Working together we will jointly be able to do better serve our community and I am excited at the prospect of bringing our combined values to beneficiaries”.

“The Dis-Chem Foundation, derives its funding from customers’ use of their Dis-Chem Benefits loyalty cards,” says Sherry Saltzman of the Dis-Chem Foundation. “Through the support of customers, we have been able to impact many sectors of the community including the provision of over 200 000 meals a month to children in Early Childhood Development. We’ve observed the excellent work that HOT CARES has done over the past and we believe that together we will make a significant impact on people in need.”