At Hot Cares, we get so much joy from seeing the difference our work makes to the lives of those around us, but it’s also incredibly gratifying when that good work results in positive outcomes in other areas.

Take, for example, the story of Little Ashford Linden, in Randburg, which offers pre-school education to children and families across Randburg and Linden.

They are led by inspirational principal, Andy Swanepoel, and have a group of dedicated teachers on their roster.

Incredibly, they’ve decided to take Hlalisekani Playgroup – a project close to the hearts of everyone at Hot Cares – under their wing for a year.

“At Little Ashford, our purpose is to nurture the intellectual growth and development of all children, says Andy. “It is extremely important to Little Ashford that we make a difference in all children’s lives and ensure that they have a solid foundation for their future educational journey.”

The process is already underway, with Thami, the principal of Hlalisekani, undergoing training and taking on some of the recommendations from Andy and her team.

“Hot Cares has done incredible work at Hlalisekani and I am blown away by how the school has been built from the ground up with the help of Hot Cares and your generous listeners,” says Andy. “We are very proud to be assisting Hot Cares with the educational training and development of the staff at Hlalisekani.”

Little Ashford will also be assisting with the general maintenance and upkeep of the Hlalisekani facilities and equipment, and running monthly collections of food, clothing and equipment for the children and their families. They will also be holding monthly training workshops for the staff of Hlalisekani to ensure the children are engaging in stimulating and engaging activities that will help them achieve their educational milestones.

There’s also some fun in store for the children of Hlalisekani, who can look forward to the Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunt on the 14th of April!

“I must commend the staff at Hlalisekani and the team from Hot Cares,” says Andy. “Everyone involved is so dedicated to the children and the staff are eager to develop their skill set. They have already implemented all the training principles from our workshops so far, and adapted the recommended classroom layouts, protocols and routines. On top of that, all that they have received through the years from Hot Cares and all the new donations are so well cared for and appropriately used.”

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